by Sonal Shukla

The metaverse emerged 30 years ago; it is a combination of many technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, etc.

It offers the possibility of living and enjoying a totally digital world, to the point that globally recognized technology companies such as Facebook (called meta), Microsoft, Amazon, Roblox, epic games, Nvidia, among others, are already studying the possibility of financing million dollars in the creation of it. If you are interested in trading bitcoin, check this bitcoin x trading site.

What is the metaverse about?

Currently, the metaverse is about a new reality that merges digital and physical existence, which consists in simple terms, in 3D virtual spaces in which immersive anecdotes can be shared with many people, develop different massive digital activities, acquire products, and more.

It is believed that the appearance of the metaverse will change the current way that people interact with each other on social networks in the same way, experts warn that companies will migrate to this technology to offer and offer their products online.

Because it is an innovative technological project, it did not go unnoticed in the eyes of crypto investors because cryptocurrencies have already emerged to promote the commercialization of digital products and the realization of person-to-person transactions in it.

Cryptocurrencies that have been associated with metaverse

Among the most prominent cryptocurrencies that have been associated with the growth and development of the metaverse we have:

Decentraland (MANA): is a video game that involves virtual reality with the digital currency market, where users can play developing applications and multimedia content and at the same time making transactions with MANA, this virtual currency gave gains of 24.57% to its investors and its value is around $ 4.90.

THE SANDBOX (SAND): it is a blockchain system, in which NFTs can be edited to give them the form of both mini-games usable on the platform and objects of illusion, this cryptocurrency provided profits of 66.50% to its investors, and its value this for $ 7.12.

VIBE (VIBE): this virtual currency operates on the Ethereum smart contract platform, in which there is a supply of 267 million cryptocurrencies and it is estimated that 260,136,426 are already in circulation, is used to pay and buy planets and airplanes on the official Vibe marketplace. It is the metaverse cryptocurrency that gave its investors the most profitability, with an estimated 500%.

Axie Infinity (AXS): it is one of the best-known NFT video games in the entire cryptographic field. In this game, the cryptocurrency Axie Infinity is used; a digital asset based on the Ethereum smart contract network currently has the value of $ 133.70 and reported 4% profitability.

Tetha (TETHA): Displays a blockchain generally dedicated to online video streaming. It was created in 2019, from which time it operates as a decentralized network in which users interact and share resources and content from person to person.

Today, its price is around the US $ 6.53 and it is possible to acquire it through exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, Huobi Global.

Cryptocurrencies are the form of investment with the most demand today, and more if it is about technology, they will be present there, since this area represents infinite digital assets, which can generate significant profits when investing in them.

It is a very profitable combination, metaverse, and virtual currencies since they are two things present today and that will prevail in the future.

Because they are part of the technological development that is the driving force of the world, and more there will be many great projects that will follow arising from the hand of cryptocurrencies.

It provides benefits to its users such as entertainment, efficiency, profitability, and economic gains, which are the fundamental basis for creating these outstanding and innovative technological projects.


Technology is constantly changing and thanks to the support and investment of influential figures who have large amounts of digital assets, it is possible to apply it in the improvement and development of new sources to invest, such as the aforementioned case of the metaverse reality in 3D, which it provides to the user.

the illusion of experiencing the experience in the digital world, as if it were real, it is very clear that human ingenuity has no limits when it comes to elevating the subconscious to digital.

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