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Excellence Delivered: Phenomenal performance by Narayana Students in CBSE Class 10 and 12 Results 2023

by Sneha Shukla

Whether it is the academic space of State/CBSE boards and competitive exams or that of SPORTS, Narayana students are no strangers to success. Time and again, they have proven that no matter the field, Narayana students always grab the top spot. This year’s CBSE Class 10 and 12 results are but an addition to the already established legacy of excellence at Narayana Educational Institutions.

Narayana student Naishaa Goyal achieved a spectacular aggregate score of 99.4% with 497 marks out of 500, followed by Sahil Nitin Soni and Harmanjot Singh, who both secured 99.0% in CBSE Class 10 results. Additionally, 33 students received 98.0% or higher, while approximately 1570 students received 90.0% or higher overall.

The streak of exemplary scores continues in CBSE Class 12 results too, as Affaan Fakih achieved 492 out of 500 marks in class XII CBSE exams, totaling 98.4%, followed by 3 Narayana students, A Rakesh Pandey, Rimjhim Gorai, and Ujwal Shankar, who achieved 98.2% in CBSE Class 12 results. Roughly 23 students received 98.0% or higher, while approximately 560 students received 90.0% or higher.

Academics, Sports and Beyond! 

Narayana Educational Institutions focus on the overall development of the students. This includes academics, sports, debates, public speaking, performing arts, etc. This year’s CBSE Class 10 results are a testament to Narayana’s approach, as Arya, who is not only a National Level Throw Ball player and has represented Maharashtra in the U-19 Throw Ball Championship at the national level, has also achieved an impressive score of 93.8% in her CBSE Class 10 results.

Arya Ram Munde is a shining example of how, at Narayana, students get every opportunity in the field of their own choice to grow, learn, and excel. 

The credit for incredible results like these goes to Narayana’s various special programmes and its unwavering academic and moral support to students. While Narayana’s scientifically designed study material, microschedule, and educational app, nLearn, facilitate students’ exam preparation, it is nSports that focuses on different aspects of the physical development of students as they grow.


nSports tailors the physical education curriculum to different age groups to address their specific needs and goals. For kindergarten students, it focuses on developing their motor skills and object manipulation abilities. As they progress to grades 1–5, the emphasis shifts towards fostering overall fitness and establishing a solid foundation in sports like basketball, volleyball, kabaddi, and cricket. For older students, it places greater emphasis on refining advanced sports skills, engaging in competitive activities, and identifying talent.

More on Narayana Educational Institutions

It has been 44 years since Narayana Educational Institutions began their journey of revolutionising education with the aim of providing every possible resource to students to help them achieve their dreams, whether in the field of education or beyond. It is now one of Asia’s biggest educational conglomerates, with more than 750+ institutions in 23 states and more than 6,00,000 students supported by a teaching and non-teaching staff of 50,000.

Narayana follows an integrated curriculum that helps its students focus both on State/CBSE Board exams and also on various competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, NEET, and International Olympiads. Our faculty guide students at every step, helping them manage both exams. The excellent results in CBSE 10 and 12 Boards 2023 exemplify the effectiveness of the Narayana System.

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