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Factors Jewellers Should Consider When Purchasing a Safe

by Sonal Shukla

Running a jewellery business comes with a significant amount of stress. You have to review your security to ensure your inventory is safe. Besides having tempered glass displays, CCTV cameras, and guards, installing a high-quality safe is a must. This safe helps keep your gold, diamond and silver jewellery safe from theft and fire. However, not all safes are the same, so you have to consider multiple things to make a decision.

For instance, you may want to consider the price before deciding. Here, you can go with branded safes like Godrej safe for jewellery shop that has fire-resistant material and sturdy locking mechanisms, which ensure excellent cost-effectiveness in the long run. In contrast, you may wish to withhold using their funds, but this is not a wise decision as it puts your valuables at risk. This post aims to introduce you to factors like that to make a wise choice.

Inventory Value

Before looking for a desirable safe for your jewellery, you must evaluate the inventory you want to protect. Consider the number of losses you would incur if someone breaks into the safe and how much you can insure.

Additionally, as your business grows, you must get a safe that can hold growing inventory. It should have enough space to protect the peak inventory values, especially during high sales seasons. The best safe would be one with removable and adjustable shelving to hold more items.

Desired Protection Levels

Safes are built with varying specifications, including unique BIS ratings. The BIS ratings indicate how long the safe can withstand common attacks from burglars and thieves. A jewellery safe should have a thick body that people cannot easily break into. You may also look at adavanced features such as sensor based alarms, lighting as well as smart fogging integrations. Some BISratings to consider include;

BIS Class C (TL 30D, TL 10X5; FR 30) – The safe door can resist entry for 30 minutes and the rest of the 05 sides for 10 minutes when hacked by common hand tools, grinding points, electric tools, picking tools, pressure applying devices and carbide drills.
BIS Class BB (TRTL 15X6) – This safe has a rating whereby all 06 sides can resist attack for 15 minutes when attacked with common tools, abrasive cutting wheels and power saws as well modern new age high precision oxy-acetylene torch attacks.
BIS Class A (TRTL 30X6) – All six safe sides can resist attack for 30 minutes during a break-in attempt from all types of tools.and oxy-acetylene torch.
BIS Class A+ (TRTL 45X6) – All six safe sides can resist attack for 45 minutes during a break-in attempt from all types of tools.and oxy-acetylene torch..
BIS Class AA (TRTL 60X6) – All six safe sides can resist attack for 60 minutes during a break-in attempt from all types of tools.and oxy-acetylene torch.

Business Layout

The layout of your business determines the quality of protection you need from a safe. In addition, the dimensions of the safe will determine its location and position within the premises. Before buying the safe, ensure you have redesigned the building to position the safe safely.

Ensure that there are no common walls exposing the safe sides to prevent unwanted personnel from accessing it. Finally, consider the weight of the safe and how it will be delivered and set up at your shop.

Fire Resistance Rating

If you are thinking of investing in a jewellery safe, consider two things that could harm your business; theft and fire. You never know when a fire might break out at your store, so you need extra security for your valuable stock.

During a fire, the FR rating of your safe will determine how long it takes before the temperatures affect your stock. BIS Class Cated safes can resist fire for up to half an hour , giving you enough time to salvage your property during a disaster. The standard Godrej locker price covers multiple fire-resistant models, so you do not have to pay for more.

Installation Method

The construction of a safe determines how you should install it. Consider an installation plan that meets your business needs when shopping for one. Some of the options include;

Wall Safes – These safes are built into the wall and are great for keeping your items out of sight. However, they may not hold much weight, so you should consider your inventory before buying them.
Floor Safes – These are the best safes for jewellery stores because they are the heaviest yet very flexible. They also come in multiple sizes, and you will easily find one that can hold multiple items.

Safe Shelving

While it is a crucial factor, most buyers neglect the interior shelving of the safes they intend to buy. Some jewellery can be very delicate and need special storage spaces. Therefore, it is important to consider shelving that will not damage your belongings. The best safes have carpeted shelving that can always protect your valuables. They also save you time from installing other humidity and moisture control systems.

If you keep these in mind when buying a jewellery safe, you will only get the best. Your inventory is valuable, so you must invest in quality and reliable security. Having a fire and burglar-proof safe will give you peace of mind because you know your goods are safe. In addition, you can easily scale your operations because you have enough storage.

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