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How Betting Apps are Accelerating the Online Gambling Revolution in India

by Sneha Shukla


Online gambling is a relatively new concept in India which, for the past 5 years or so, has been shrouded in rumours and confusion.


Online gambling used to be broadly considered as illegal in India, but in recent years, more clarity has been obtained on the issue in India, and this has led most legal experts to concur that online gambling is, indeed, not illegal in most of India.


Since online gambling isn’t regulated on a federal level, it is left up to each individual state in India to set their own online gambling laws. And since most states in India have not outright prohibited online gambling, it remains legal.


And now, through the propagation of “online betting apps” in the country, online gambling is becoming more widely available in India than it ever was before.


But what are these so-called online betting apps that everyone is talking about, are they legal, and how are they pushing forward the concept of online gambling in India? That is what we will explore in this article.

Are Betting Apps Legal in India?

When it comes to the legality of betting apps in India, the answer is not entirely simple.


Betting apps can be legal, under the right circumstances. However, they can also be illegal, under other circumstances.


There are no protocols in Indian law that specifically make online betting apps illegal – betting apps simply aren’t mentioned – nor is online gambling in any shape whatsoever. Therefore, on a federal level, we can deduce that betting apps are in fact legal.


But as mentioned above, states in India do have the power to introduce more restrictive gambling laws, and some Indian states have chosen to do so.


For example, in the state of Telangana, all forms of gambling, including online gambling, are prohibited within the state.


So if you’re a resident of Telangana, betting apps are illegal for you – however, if you’re a resident of Karnataka, you can use betting apps legally. So it’s really a state by state question.

What makes online betting apps so popular?

The reason why online betting apps have become so popular in India largely comes down to their widespread availability.


Downloading a betting app is as simple as tying your shoes, so anyone who has ever been curious about online betting or gambling can simply download one of these apps and get started within minutes.


Another thing that has propelled the popularity of betting apps is the increased access to smartphones in India.


These days, everyone and their aunty owns a smartphone. And a smartphone with an internet connection is pretty much everything it takes to get a betting app.


That leads us to the third factor, which is internet connectivity. Indians have never been as connected to the internet as we are today.


With internet access being so cheap in the form of mobile data bundles, everyone can be connected to the internet, and as such, everyone can try their luck on one of the many online betting apps that are available now.

More betting apps are entering the competition

With more and more Indians actively looking for betting apps, we’re also seeing an increase in competition among foreign betting apps that are entering the Indian market and trying to capture market share in the past couple of years.


Although there are many good betting apps out there, it is also inevitable that Indians will run into some questionable or even shady betting apps that are created to scam good-hearted people out of their hard-earned rupees.


Fortunately, there are services which Indian consumers can use to distinguish bad betting apps from the best betting apps in India. Websites such as MyBetting.in provide users with clear and qualified information regarding the best betting apps.


With so many legal questions still lingering, and so many betting operators currently swamping the country, the gambling market in India is currently in a bit of a wild west stage.


Hopefully, the increased interest in the online gambling market will persuade the federal government of India to start the process of regulating the gambling market in India, for the safety of the Indian consumers, and for the benefit of the Indian tax coffers.


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