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How Does Immunotherapy Treat Cancer in Patients?

by Sneha Shukla

How Does Immunotherapy Treat Cancer in Patients?  

Immunotherapy plays a new role in cancer treatment. It involves a particular method of action through it controls the body’s immunity in fighting against cancers. Immunotherapy treatment uses specific parts of an individual’s immune system to defeat cancer in different ways, such as:  

  • Triggering the natural protection of your immune system, thus, it can work effectively to search and strike at cancer cells.  
  • Preparing elements in a laboratory that are the same as immune system elements and employing them to assist with restoring or improving how your immune system works to locate and attack cancer cells.  

Immunotherapy for cancer in India  

In the past few decades, cancer immunotherapy has become a significant part of treating some types of cancer. Novel treatments of immunotherapy for cancer in India are being certified and approved, and new working methods of the immune system are being identified very quickly.  

Functions of the immune system  

The immune system maintains a record of all the substances generally present in the body. And, any foreign substance that the immune system does not recognize increases an alarm, preparing the immune system to attack it. For instance, germs include substances like specific proteins that are not usually present in the human body. The immune system perceives these as foreign elements and fights them.  


The immune system has a difficult time locating cancer cells. This is because cancer starts when regular, restorative cells change and begin to grow without control, and cancer cells start in normal cells; the immune system doesn’t always recognize them as foreign.  

To control this, researchers have methods to assist the immune system in determining cancer cells and supporting their response; thus, it will kill them. In this manner, your body is eliminating cancer with the help of some therapies.  

Cancer immunotherapy types  

The common types of immunotherapies used to cure cancer are:  

  • CAR T-cells or Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapy: Some T-cells from a patient’s blood are collected in this therapy. After that, these cells are combined with a certain virus that directs the T-cells to fix to tumor cells, and then the cells are transferred back to the patient so that they can locate, link to, and kill cancer.  
  • Checkpoint Inhibitors: These drugs remove obstacles from the immune system to identify and attack cancer cells.  
  • Immunomodulators: These drugs normally enhance parts of the immune system in the treatment of certain types of cancer.  
  • Cytokines: In this treatment, cytokines are used. Cytokines are small proteins that transfer messages between cells to enable the immune cells to fight off cancer.  
  • Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs or MoAbs): These are artificial variants of immune system proteins. Monoclonal Antibodies can be beneficial in treating cancer as they can be made to attack a very distinct part of a cancer cell.  
  • Cancer Vaccines: Vaccines are stuff inserted into the body to initiate an immune response next to some diseases. We generally consider them as being provided to healthy individuals to help stop infections. But a few vaccines can also help in preventing or treating cancer.  
  • Oncolytic Virus Treatment: This treatment uses viruses that have been changed in a laboratory to kill individual tumor cells.  

How does immunotherapy work?  

Immune cells develop cytokines, protein particles that work on other cells. Immunotherapy for cancer fixes up many of these proteins in the body. Immunotherapy is done through an infusion. You are given an intravenous infusion into the vein at a clinic or medical facility in immunotherapy.  

What is the treatment period for immunotherapy?  

You can take immunotherapy regularly, weekly, monthly, or for a certain period. With periodic immunotherapy, you carry a rest period post-treatment. The break provides your body with time to generate healthy cells. The duration of treatment relies on:  

  • Type and stage of cancer.  
  • Type of drug given for immunotherapy.  
  • Your body’s reaction to treatment.  

Final Words  

It is crucial to discuss with your cancer care specialist and stay aware of any individual precautions that can be required while you are receiving an immunotherapy drug. Cancer Healer Center, a center that specializes in offering the best immunotherapy for cancer in India, will help you fight cancer without any side effects. 

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