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How Natural Remedies Really Work For Acne?

by Sneha Shukla

How Natural Remedies Really Work For Acne?

Natural Remedies are something that have been followed for years by our ancestors, grandparents, parents and even most of us. They are chemical free and are safe to be used on skin rather than non safe and chemical products. Acne and pimples are part and parcel of life which occurs due to many reasons like genetics, internal issues, hormonal imbalance, dehydration, skin type, and many more. The first thing which is to be done is to analyse why the acne scars are occurring. There are many natural remedies for acne scars like detox drinks, and some outer scrubs and cream made up of natural products like green grams, besan, curd, milk, aloe vera, and many more. There are people who get reacted when they are using natural products. In that case, either their skin type does not match the ingredient or you are not using them properly. For example: if you are using aloe vera gel from the plant, it is important to clean the yellow layer in the plant and use them on your skin or body. In that case, either you have the clean and use them or get them from trusted sources or brands. There are some of the best acne scar removal products like niacinamide, alpha arbutin, AHA/BHA cleanser or exfoliator, and many more.

Mcaffeine is one of the trusted brands which is also 100% vegan free and has some of the best products for skin and hair care. They also have tools like gua sha, jade roller which is also very safe and good to use. Some of the skin care products are face wash, scrubs, serum, body butter, hand cream, eye cream which are made up of ingredients like green tea, water lily, coffee and many more. Their hair care range includes shampoo, scrubs, oils, conditioner, and many more. Mcaffeine acne face wash is one of the best which has been loaded with ingredients like almond oil, and vitamin E. If you are looking for an entire routine on this brand, the mcaffeine acne control kit which has mask and moisturizer along with the face wash for your morning and night skincare routine.


Do’s and Don’ts when you are suffering from acne problems:

  1. Never touch or pop out the acne.; when you do, you are going to worsen them. A better opinion when you are tempted to touch or do something is to use pimple patches.
  2. Do not use harsh physical scrubs since they will worsen your condition. Instead of exfoliating, consult your dermatologist, and use mild chemical exfoliants.
  3. Always patch test the products on your neck or elbows, so that you will know whether the products suit your skin or not.
  4. Never experiment with different products since you have to be very careful with the ingredients list of the products or natural remedies that you are trying.
  5. Change your pillow cover once in two to three days, since the dirt from the hair settles on your covers and will affect your skin areas. Also never miss to clean your mobile daily.
  6. Follow a proper skincare regime for six months with good internal and external products. Internal skincare refers to keeping your inner body clean with detox drinks, healthy and colorful foods, and low sugar and processed foods.


It is natural to have acne or scars; always make sure that you feel healthy and confident with your skin and its texture. If you are looking for better options to treat the acne problems, mcaffeine acne treatment with its products will work wonders when used on regular usage.

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