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How To Buy A Star In The Sky

by Sneha Shukla

How To Buy A Star In The Sky

From the start of time, human beings always had a curiosity about the things which are present in the atmosphere. Be it the sun or moon or the twinkling little things present over the horizon. As our ancestors begin to acquire consciousness and the ability to understand, we begin to notice patterns in the appearance of these things and started naming them as constellations. Today it’s possible to not only admire these stars from afar but also have a star of your own! Amazing, right? Now the question arises as to how to buy a star? Well, it’s pretty much simple! Websites like Cosmonova give you a chance to make this dream come true. 

Reasons to have this unique gift. 

Some people may have concerns about this concept but fret not! Here are some of the reasons why you should look for how to buy a star

Diamonds are said to be an alluring gift to give someone. But the beauty of a star shining brightly in the vast sea of darkness is just outstanding. 

We all want to give something memorable and meaningful to the ones we love. But often with time, things start to fade and lose their value. 

We worry so much to find a perfect gift, and occasionally we even do find it. But with time all material things are damaged or eventually lost. No matter how precious that thing is to us, with passing time we often grow indifferent towards it. 

When you purchase a star the symbol of your love could forever remain along with these eternal beauties. 

We reside on a small planet in this infinite universe. But still, each life has a purpose and a meaning and so do these stars. People always search for meaningful things to add to the journey of our life. What better way than to adopt a star?  

Now to think that there’s always a bright thing present in the sky which is yours and won’t fade away with passing time. How wonderful that feeling could be! 

Amazing offers to choose from! 

You have the luxury to choose between different types of stars. 

The Traditional star pack offers you to choose a star that can not only be seen from anywhere in the world but also throughout the year. 

The Zodiac star pack is a wonderful option to name a star within a specific constellation. These stars are easier to find and provide a personal touch as you can select from one’s zodiac sign. 

If you wish to choose for two people then a binary star is an excellent choice. These are two stars rotating around each other in a specific motion. It appears as a single star if seen from a naked eye because of its proximity to each other. So, this can be an exquisite gift for a pair of siblings or even for a couple of lovers. 

There is also a thing called a Custom star map, which offers you to get a map of the star arrangement at a given time, from a given location. 

Things to remember before choosing a star 

There are many things to keep in mind while in your pursuit to adopt a star

The decision also depends on the location you reside in. The pollution levels would be higher if you live in a big metropolitan city and so you may need to buy a bright star. Whereas if you live in places with less pollution, like the countryside, then you can purchase a star from the traditional star gift pack. 

There is an option to personalize while naming a star. For example, you can choose stars from a specific constellation based upon your zodiac. 

Process of buying a star 

You may wonder how to buy a star? But the overall process is quite simple. First, you need to select the type of star you want. Secondly, provide the name of the person it’s dedicated to. Then last but not least choose a suitable delivery option, and it’s done! 

A star certificate will be delivered to your place along with all the other purchase details. 

You will also be provided with a registration number that you can use to search your star on the cosmonova site. It will show all the details about the star, like the coordinates, the name, and the constellation it belongs to. 

The overall cost of this process depends on three main factors. 

The type of pack you choose affects the cost primarily. Then comes the brightness of the star. It’s obvious that the brighter the star is, the easier it will be visible to the naked eye. So, if you wish to select an easily visible star, then the cost will be more. Then lastly, the cost is determined by the delivery method. 

Some general information to help you decide 

Sites like cosmonova work with the star naming service. So, when you buy a star, it officially gets registered in the database, and no other person can register it in the future. 

Only basic information about you like your name, mail address, postal code, etc. Would be asked. Hence, there is no threat to your privacy. And neither of your data is shared with any third parties. 

Along with all the basic payment methods one can also opt to pay with bitcoin. 

The delivery of the print might take a week depending upon your location. But one can also opt for mail delivery, and it will be directly delivered to you by mail so that you can print it at your convenience. 

You can check the status of your order on my account page, on the company site. 

There are also 24/7 customer support services that aim to attend to their customers for all their queries regarding how to buy a star and also to guide them through the order. 

This site also has amazing blogs, to help you get a better understanding of the cosmos. 

So here you can also get relevant information about the cosmic events happening in the universe along with general information about the stars, supernovas, the galaxy, and much more. 

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