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Hyundai Alcazar Price: Best Deals on ACKO Drive!

by Sonal Shukla

In a market where comfort and adaptability are highly valued, Hyundai presents the Alcazar, a  car that is expected to revolutionise the premium SUV industry. Combining innovative  technologies, a bold exterior, and roomy interiors, the Hyundai Alcazar stands out as a strong  competitor in the cutthroat field of family cars. Presented as a more sophisticated option to its  popular Creta sibling, the Alcazar appeals to picky buyers who value style and utility when  selecting a vehicle. Let’s examine more closely what makes the Hyundai Alcazar a desirable  addition to the rapidly growing SUV industry and the deals you can get on ACKO Drive.

Hyundai Alcazar: Variants and Prices 

There are eighteen variants of the Hyundai Alcazar and eight broad trims. These are Prestige,  Platinum, Prestige (O), Platinum(O), Platinum Adventure, Signature, Signature (O), and Signature  (O) Adventure. It has both petrol and diesel variants and is offered with manual and automatic  transmission. The Hyundai Alcazar price ranges from ₹19.18 lakhs to ₹24.69 lakhs (on-road price  Delhi). The prices of the variants are given below:

Hyundai Alcazar Variant Price (₹)
1.5 Prestige Turbo 7 STR Petrol 19.18 L
1.5 Prestige 7 STR Diesel 20.59 L
1.5 Platinum Turbo 7 STR Petrol 21.36 L
1.5 Platinum Turbo 7 STR Petrol AE 21.78 L
1.5 Prestige(O) AT 7 STR Diesel 22.31 L
1.5 Platinum 7 STR Diesel 22.82 L
1.5 Platinum(O) DCT 7 STR Petrol 22.87 L
1.5 Platinum(O) DCT 6 STR Petrol 22.87 L
1.5 Signature(O) DCT 7 STR Petrol 23.20 L
1.5 Signature(O) DCT 6 STR Petrol 23.20 L
1.5 Platinum 7 STR Diesel AE 23.24 L
1.5 Signature 6 STR Diesel 23.40 L
1.5 Signature(O) DCT 7 STR Petrol AE 23.61 L
1.5 Platinum(O) AT 6 STR Diesel 24.14 L
1.5 Platinum(O) AT 7 STR Diesel 24.14 L
1.5 Signature(O) AT 7 STR Diesel 24.27 L
1.5 Signature(O) AT 6 STR Diesel 24.27 L
1.5 Signature(O) AT 7 STR Diesel AE 24.69 L

The city you intend to buy from may have a small impact on the prices. It is, therefore, better to  choose the city on AckoDrive and then look up the costs. It’s also vital to remember that the  variants’ ex-showroom prices are somewhat lower because they solely account for dealership  expenses. All costs, including handling, insurance, and registration fees, are included in the on

road pricing.

The Aesthetic Appeal  

The Hyundai Alcazar’s design commands attention on the road by fusing rough elegance with  refinement. Its striking and dynamic design has a futuristic appeal with a cascading grille and  elegant LED headlamps on either side. The Alcazar has powerful proportions and sculpted lines  that give it a commanding presence. Its bold alloy wheels and erect attitude emphasise its SUV  qualities even more. The roomy interior of the cabin provides excellent comfort and adaptability,  opulent details and plenty of facilities for the driver and passengers. All things considered, the

Hyundai Alcazar’s design creates a new benchmark for its class by perfectly balancing elegance  and toughness.

The Features on Offer 

The Hyundai Alcazar has many amazing features that improve the driving experience. Its 10.25- inch touchscreen infotainment system and 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster ensure clear and  simple access to vehicle information and entertainment. With eight speakers, the Bose high-end  sound system produces a rich music experience. Smartphone integration is simple due to the  seamless connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Bluelink-connected car technology  provides sophisticated telematics and remote features for increased convenience. The beautiful  and customisable ambience created by the 64-colour ambient lighting further improves the overall  comfort and style of the cabin.


The Hyundai Alcazar prioritises safety and incorporates cutting-edge technology to safeguard  drivers and passengers. It improves situational awareness and averts possible collisions with its  extensive array of active safety features, which include Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance, Lane  Keeping Assist, and Forward collision avoidance Assist. Furthermore, the strong framework made  of high-strength steel reinforces occupant safety in the case of a collision by providing a solid  basis. Six airbags that are thoughtfully positioned around the cabin of the Alcazar add to its  already robust safety features.

Deals on ACKO Drive 

Choosing to purchase the Alcazar from ACKO Drive offers a plethora of benefits. They offer the  best prices on the market, so you will see the discounted rates once you log in. The on-road prices  of Alaczar after discount range from ₹18.15 lakhs to ₹23.73 lakhs. Also, they frequently offer  attractive deals, which you will find on their homepage.

Keeping an eye on hot deals can significantly benefit any buyer of the Hyundai Alcazar, offering  substantial discounts. Regularly monitoring these deals can uncover special promotions, limited time offers, and exclusive discounts not always advertised widely. By staying informed about  these opportunities, buyers can take advantage of lower prices and added perks such as  extended warranties, free accessories, or reduced financing rates.


In summary, the Hyundai Alcazar stands out as a strong competitor in the cutthroat field of high end SUVs because of its alluring combination of performance, safety, and design. Its eye-catching  exterior, adaptable interior, and cutting-edge technology raise the bar for excellence in its class.  Car buyers can be sure of a polished driving experience with the Alcazar, whether travelling  through urban streets or going on thrilling adventures. Check out the deals on ACKO Drive based  on variants to make the right purchase decision.

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