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iBOMMA Telugu Movies 2022 Download

iBOMMA Telugu Movies New 2022 Download ibomma.in

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by Sneha Shukla

iBOMMA Telugu Movies New 2022 Download ibomma.in

Download movies on ibomma 2022 is a website that allows you to download or watch videos from popular video streaming sites and video websites. It has several features such as scanning your computer for any banned IPs, downloading DRM-ed videos, and supporting all platforms. This means you can use the service no matter where you are or which service provider you need it.

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Downloading movies on ibomma can provide you with hours of entertainment without paying the prices for some mediocre theatre ticket or having to wait months for a DVD release by mail. When it comes time to choose what movie to watch, find something in your personal preferences here on ibomma first!

In the past few months, many fellow movie fans have approached us to ask how to download movies on ibomma. Since the website has been in service, it has received a lot of traffic from people in South Africa. Many visitors are from Bloemfontein and surrounding areas, but many are international visitors. One person has been using our service for over four years now! And we are still here.

We are pleased that people enjoy our service so much, but it is a bit of a shame that they have to come to us to do so. We do not wish to discourage people from using our site and address this long-standing issue.

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We are proud that ibomma was created by film and music fans for film and music fans. We built the site because we wanted to help fellow movie fans find what they like and not worry about censorship or legality issues when watching movies online. We decided to compile a detailed guide on downloading movies on ibomma quickly and easily.

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ibomma Website

Ibomma is a website for learners who love to learn through interactive lessons, quizzes and other entertaining content. They have an impressive selection of materials, including their newest project, which takes learning beyond textbooks and into the digital realm. In addition to our plethora of classes, they now offer live courses that students can access in English, Spanish or French.

About Ibomma:

Ibomma is the brainchild of two lifelong friends, Camille Preau and Romain Raffali, looking for ways to make their education more engaging. Together with a small team, they’ve created a learning environment that focuses on making fun, engaging lessons that help people not only learn but retain information in creative and unique ways. They now produce over 30 video tutorials each week, including printable lesson notes and homework to make learning as easy as possible.


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Website Name Ibomma
Released in February 2021
Services Free streaming and Downloading
Category Torrent
Legality Illegal


iBomma Details

Website Name iBomma
Type of Site Torrent
App No
Available in English
Contents Movies, Web Series, TV Shows, Serials
Languages Tollywood, Hollywood, Telugu Dubbed, Hindi Dubbed South Movie, Tamil Dubbed, Bollywood
Current status Offline
Is It Safe No
Popularity Score 3.75/5.0
Formats 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1080p 10-bit Hevc

iBOMMA: Best Free Website To Download And Watch Movies

Website Name iBOMMA
Type Of Content Movies, TV shows In 360p, 720p, 1080p (Illegal Content)
Website Structure HTML, JavaScript, And PHP (Android App Available)
Traffic Sources 80% of India12% from the US


How To Watch Telugu Movies by Using iBomma?

Telugu movies, a vast treasure trove of Indian cinema, are elusive to many people who can’t speak Telugu. Yet those merry few that know how to watch Telugu movies have discovered an entire universe of gems buried in the dusty corners of this language. But how on earth do you watch Telugu movies, and why would you care?

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I’ll give you three reasons:

India is a multi-lingual country with many languages like Bengali and Gujarati that use the same script as Telugu. Of course, if you can read and speak Telugu, you’ll be able to understand these movies too.
There are a lot of movies that are not released in other languages (usually Hindi) as they don’t think they will make a profit!
I will show you how to use ibomma.com, a paid service where you pay per movie, but the content is updated regularly, so there’s always something new for you.

Where to watch Telugu movies?

The good news is that there are a lot of places to watch Telugu movies. If you’re looking for free content, there are sites like kavithalayam, bluemountainmedia, and dtharecinemas. But these sites don’t provide the content with English subtitles, so they won’t be able to stream to different devices. We need a combination of ibomma.com and streaming services like Hotstar or thesaanxi.tv to give you live streaming of movies in Telugu.

How do I watch Telugu movies on ibomma?

ibomma.com is a paid service full of great content, but it’s also updated regularly with new movies and TV shows! To get the content, you need to sign up with the code “Tamilnadu,” which will get you three free months of ibomma access. After that, you need to purchase at least a month of access to the service and then use the code “Tamilnadu” when you sign up.

First, I’ll show you how to watch content like tv shows (and not just movies, unfortunately) by showing you how to download ibomma from your mobile device and then how to watch movies with the ibomma app. I’ll also show you how you can use ibomma on your PC through a browser.

So first, we need to download ibomma, and that’s easy! Just open up the native app store on your phone and search for ibomma. If you don’t have an app store like this on your phone, then you can also find it here:

When your app launches, you should see a screen like the one below! Click on “Browse” to check out the TV shows, movies, and other content that ibomma offers. If you want movies, scroll through, and you’ll see a lot of them categorized by Genre (action, comedy, etc.) and star cast. You can also filter the movies depending on the quality of the language, so you don’t have to watch everything.

Ibomma is also updated regularly! When I tried it out, I saw new movies every week. You’re not limited to an ‘active’ content list that keeps track of what’s available on ibomma, but you can sign up and pay for a month of access and then choose which content to download.

When you select a movie, you’ll see a little more info. You can watch it right away, but by clicking on the ‘watch’ button, you will be redirected to a screen where you can sign up for ibomma within your browser.

Features of Ibomma Telugu movies 2022

Tamil Movie Download: ibomma Telugu movies 2022 comes among the most popular websites that offer free movie downloading options to internet users.

Note: By visiting a website like Ibomma Telugu Movies 2022, your data remains at risk of being stolen.

In today’s time, ‘Ibomma Telugu movies 2022 movies download’ is the best option for those who want to enjoy the latest movies at home for free.All the features are easily understood by the users visiting this website and the users do not face any inconvenience in visiting different places on the website.

Extensive collection: Almost all types of movies from every category and genre are available under ibomma Telugu movies 2022 download option and that too in different formats and sizes.

Movie Category

  • Action & Adventure
  • Animation
  • Anime
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Military & War
  • Mystery & Suspense
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Special Interest
  • Sports
  • Young Adult

Upcoming ibomma Telugu Movies New 2022 list

Movie Name Release Dates
Vikrant Rona July 28, 2022
Rama Rao on Duty July 29, 2022
Sita Ramam Aug 5, 2022
Bimbisara Aug 5, 2022
Macherla Niyojakavargam Aug 12, 2022
Karthikeya 2 August 12, 2022
Liger Aug 25, 2022
Agent Sep 30, 2022
Godfather Oct 5, 2022
Ghost Oct 5, 2022
Yashoda 2022
Hit 2 2022
Kushi Dec 23, 2022
Adipurush Jan 12, 2023
Salaar April 2023
Pushpa the Rule August 2023
Project K Oct 18 ,2023 / Jan 2024
Dhamaka 2022
Hari Hara Veera Mallu 2023

Different Types of Movies in Different Qualities on Ibomma 2022 Tamil HD movies

If you are crazy about movies and want to watch the latest movie released on your mobile while sitting at home then you can visit Tamil Ibomma 2022. Here you will get all kinds of latest movies to download easily.

Tamil Ibomma 2022 also gives the facility to its users that the user can choose the format and size of the video quality, whatever the user wants to watch or download Bollywood, Hollywood Movies 2022, TV serials, and Web-Series.

The video format available on this website is BRRip, WEBRip, HDRip, MKV, HDCAM, and Blu-ray.

Free movies option on Ibomma info 2022

If you want to download Latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Dubbed Hollywood, Tamil, South, Punjabi, and Gujarati Movies from Tamil Ibomma Info 2022, then we have given you all the information regarding this here.

Due to the illegality of the Ibomma info 2022 website, the address link of this website is blocked by the Government of India from time to time. You may face some problems initially in downloading movies from Ibomma Info 2022 website.

Downloading movies through Tamil Ibomma info 2022 is a bit difficult because a lot of pop-ups keep popping up while downloading movies on this website.


To download Bollywood, Hollywood, and TV shows from Ibomma info 2022, follow the steps given below, and you can easily download movies.

  • Go to the Ibomma Info 2022 Active Link
  • In the search bar of the website, search for the movie you want to download
  • Now click on the download link, and choose the quality of the movie
  • Close the ads when they appear and click on the download button again
  • Finally, your movie download will start.

Ibomma Telugu movies new 2022

Below are some new Telugu movies 2022 released by the ibomma on its website –

  • Love Story
  • RRR
  • Ante Sundaraniki
  • Pushpa: The Rise
  • Sarkaru Vaari Paata
  • Akhanda
  • Radhe Shyam
  • Bheemla Nayak

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List of iBOMMA’s Websites:

  • ibomma.com
  • ibooma.com movies
  • ibomma.in
  • ibomma.org
  • ibomma.pw
  • iBomma.io

Alternatives Of Ibomma Telugu Movies

Some of the alternative sites of Ibomma Movies Telugu are – Rdxhd, 1337xtorrent, katmoviezhd, apnetv, Ibomma Movies telugu, ExtraMovies, Bollyflix and moviesda Etc.

Can i watch movies on ibomma by avoiding the fraud risks

Yes, you can watch movies on these websites by avoiding the fraud risk. For this, you can use a VPN service. There are some best VPNs available on the internet by using them you can bypass the security threads and legal risks as well.

Since the ibomma is a torrent website that is involved in distributing illegal content, we recommend you to please don’t visit this site as when you visit it, you automatically support and promote their unethical work.


We do not support piracy and are vehemently opposed to cyber piracy. We are aware of and obey all copyright laws and agreements, and we follow all necessary procedures to do so. Through our pages, we hope to educate users about piracy and strongly advise them to stay away from such platforms and websites. We at the company firmly believe in the copyright act. We urge all of our users to be extremely cautious and to stay away from such websites. Thus, we do not connect to these websites on our page.


As we told you above, websites like Ibomma movies Telugu which provides the latest movie download facility for free have pirated content on them and are considered illegal by law.

Downloading any content from this type of website can be dangerous. The personal data of the user is always at risk. If you visit this website viruses can enter your phone and your bank details and password can be stolen.


We do not support piracy and are vehemently opposed to cyber piracy. We are aware of and obey all copyright laws and agreements, and we follow all necessary procedures to do so. Through our pages, we hope to educate users about piracy and strongly advise them to stay away from such platforms and websites. We at the company firmly believe in the copyright act. We urge all of our users to be extremely cautious and to stay away from such websites. Thus, we do not connect to these websites on our page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Is Ibomma Telugu Movies 2022 a legal website?

Answer: No, Ibomma Telugu Movies 2022 website is illegal by law.

Q.2. Are the original Telugu Movies available on it?

Answer: No, pirated movies are available on Ibomma Telugu Movies website, watching or downloading them is illegal.

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