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Is Dry, flaky skin lowering your confidence? The best dermatologist in Delhi explains treatments.

by Sneha Shukla

If your goal is for a bright and silky complexion, it is necessary to have good skin from within. But dry and flaky skin will never make things easier for you. The top dermatologist in Delhi will recommend a treatment, if you have extremely dry, flaky skin. It will result in higher skin condition risks like eczema if you further ignore it. Long-term scratching can also result in permanent thick, itchy, and dry skin patches.

What are the Dry Skin Causes?

When there is no or lower moisture in the skin, it becomes dry and flaky. Other dry skin causes include:


  • Age

The oil glands that are responsible for creating moisture in the skin, dry up with age. It results in skin thinning due to drying up of the collagen and fat of the skin. 


  • Genetics and health conditions

You might be at a higher risk of having dry skin if you have any health condition or are born with those genes. Some health conditions that result in dry, flaky skin include allergies, diabetes, kidney diseases, and eczema.


  • Climate and Temperature

The surrounding temperature can also have an impact on skin hydration. Lower humidity climates, like in the colder regions or desserts, can cause dry skin. 


  • Profession

Some occupations can also be the dry skin causeparticularly those who are working outside, have to wash their hands frequently and are in close encounters with the chemicals. Professionals such as farmers, healthcare providers, and hairstylists are more prone to have dry, flaky skin. 


How Does a Dermatologist in Delhi Diagnose Dry Flaky Skin?

An expert dermatologist in Delhi can diagnose dry, flaky skin with its appearance. Based on the symptom severity, they will suggest some tests to check the skin’s health condition. 

Allergy examination for recognizing the substances causing allergic reaction

Skin biopsy for testing eczema or other skin problems

Blood tests for checking the problems related to kidneys or diabetes


How the Top Dermatologist in Delhi Treat Dry Flaky Skin?

dermatologist in Delhi treats dry, flaky skin by bringing the moisture back or rehydrating the skin in the following ways.


  • Medicines

For exceptionally dry flaky skin which is on the edge of cracking or is itchy, the dermatologist in Delhi might recommend topical steroid. It reduces the inflammation or swelling in the skin, causing itching and a rash. Oral medicines or injections are ideal treatment even in the most severe cases.


  • Moisturizers

Moisturizers can soften and smooth the dry skin and prevent them from cracking. It also works better in recreating a barrier and prevents the skin from becoming dry again. You can find moisturizers in various formats like cream, oil, ointment, and lotion. Mostly, medicated moisturizers contain emollients to hydrate and soothe the skin like magic. Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient that is present in the best-selling moisturizers.



Is dry, flaky skin dangerous?

Severely dry or untreated skin can cause the skin to bleed or crack open. Wounds or open sores from the cracks can expose the human body to germs or viruses that can cause infections. Usually, itchy and dry skin can indicate more underlying disease or health problems related to kidney or diabetes.


Final Thoughts

Dry skin looks itchy, coarse, flaky, and scratchy, But it rarely causes any long-term issues. However, you should consult a dermatologist in Delhi to know how to prevent dry skin and soothe it. If you are suffering from other dry skin causes like eczema, the doctor will also diagnose it and offer proper treatment for the same. 

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