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Is It Possible To Get Painless Tattoos?

by Sneha Shukla

If you want to get the minimum pain when tattooing, you need to use numbing cream. Numbing cream is a topical skin application for which you can have a pleasant experience. However, most people have no idea how a numbing agent works, so they are afraid to apply it for fear of side effects. But when you buy a product from a reputable manufacturing company, you do not have to worry about bad effects. They will not bring any harmful by-products to the market because it is a matter of their brand reputation.

According to research, numbing creams work equally well on any skin, but if you have any drug allergies, it is better not to use them. But if you have low pain tolerance, you can apply a numbing agent by doing a skin test once. There is no problem in applying this cream on unbroken skin, but using random numbing products can cause skin irritation. So before opening the packaging, the direction should be read well, and then, it should be applied. If you do not know about your skin, you can smear a good brand of cream like TKTX numbing cream on any sensitive part of the body and test whether you feel any irritation or not.

Will numbing cream affect your tattoos?

  • There is a misconception among people that if you use numbing cream before getting a tattoo, it will fade the color of the tattoo, or the quality of the tattoo will deteriorate. But there is no truth to this yet, and if you use a little reputed brand cream, there is no possibility of tattoo fading or unwanted side effects. 
  • However, you should not use any less expensive product because there is no accurate information about the ingredients. Remember one thing about tattoo-numbing creams is these creams can never provide a completely painless experience. They reduce the level of pain so that the clients can easily tolerate it.
  • Another reason is that clients believe that applying numbing cream makes the tattoo location slippery and causes needle penetration problems for the tattoo artist. As a result, they think that they will get better quality tattoos than they want. 
  • Some water-based products make the skin slippery, so if you don’t apply them, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you use TKTX numbing cream, you can safely tattoo for about 3-4 hours because the intensity of pain will be reduced a lot. Most small or medium tattoos do not take more than 3 hours, so you will get maximum benefits from here.

How do you apply TKTX numbing cream to tattoo locations?

If you are thinking of using numbing cream to get a painless tattoo, TKTX products are ideal. But many people question whether there is a specific procedure for applying a numbing cream or not. The answer is yes, of course, and only if you follow the rules, you get the proper result. Numbing cream is easy to use, and you can do it yourself:

  • The first step is to clean the tattoo area and remove the extra oil and dirt. The palms of both hands should be washed with high-quality soap and warm water for a minimum of 30 seconds. Then wear a pair of rubber gloves in dry condition. The rest of the procedure has to be done with gloves so that there is no possibility of applying cream elsewhere. The tattoo location should be washed with hot water and soap and cleaned in the same way. Dip one towel into warm running water, pause to allow it to dry, and apply on the tattoo location. After about 5-10 minutes, wipe the area with a dry paper towel. Do not wipe with a cloth that you have used before to ease a fear of infection.
  • In the second step, you need to apply tktx cream to the tattoo location. Understand the skin area and put the amount of cream there. First, apply a thick layer on the skin so that the whole cream is absorbed into the skin. Later, you can spread the cream in the same place again.
  • Now, you need to seal the place with wrapping paper. You can cut a big size transparent plastic paper to cover the area with additional skin. Leave the wrapping paper for 25 minutes, and the wrapping paper helps to keep the skin warm. The cream will be activated now, and you can apply warm clothing to the wrapping paper. You must put in a minimum of 2-3 mm layer numbing cream.
  • In the last step, you must remove the extra numbing cream from that portion of the skin. After sealing with wrapping paper, keep it for 25-50 minutes so that the cream can be well absorbed, and start functioning. Even there are some additional creams on the skin that you can remove before tattooing. After you go to the tattoo shop, wipe off the cream with a warm wet cloth. If it takes a long time to get a tattoo, you can clean it after some cream.


Although all the reputable company products are good for you according to the composition of TKTX numbing cream, it is equally suitable for all skin types. You should always use a reliable product, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects. The advantage is that when you choose a product of a reputed brand, you do not have to be confused about the ingredients and safety. 

The primary ingredients of numbing creams are lidocaine, epinephrine, etc. Dentists and piercing parlors use them in their chambers. So if one of these is an ingredient in your ointment, you can be sure that there are no possible side effects. But you must follow some steps that will help the numbing agent to work on your skin. You should never apply excessive numbing cream on the skin that causes unpleasant side effects. Moreover, the steps that are written in the guidelines should be followed one after another. Applying more cream than you need can cause an inconvenience when getting a tattoo.


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