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Is QuickBooks Hosting better than QuickBooks Desktop?

by Sonal Shukla

Is QuickBooks Hosting better than QuickBooks Desktop?


Modern time has been transformed by adopting proper standards of what actually can be done to solve the issues. One significant issue that was encountered by most of the businesses earlier was the failure to work upon a similar set of data simultaneously. As there are difficulties, there are also solutions that may not come to us usually sometimes but that does not mean they do not exist. QuickBooks hosting is the most significant solution for problems encountered by plenty of companies in the past.


QuickBooks Hosting:

Most of the companies who were previously established with QuickBooks accounting software have directly added the advantages of the QuickBooks Cloud to their business. Hosted QuickBooks is the easiest method to integrate your information, data, and files in one place in the cloud. Hosted QuickBooks services are available for affordable prices from QuickBooks Hosting Providers. Powered by the cloud computing technology, QuickBooks in the cloud implies the installation of your current QuickBooks Desktop software on a network server hosted over the Internet which allows the user to access any data or file from any place with the help of a web browser. Here, the installation does not take place on any local machine rather gives your business flexibility to cloud access. You can also Host QB in the cloud with competitive Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Pricing.

Here are some important limitations of QuickBooks Desktop version accounting software that should be highly considered:

  • Limited user access to file and data
  • Remote access function unavailability 
  • Entire data is saved on a local device which could lead to the risk of data loss
  • Team members are unable to collaborate with each other simultaneously which can create confusion.
  • Complicated methods of sharing and exchanging data and files between the users.


Hence, these all are the significant problems that make the traditional QuickBooks accounting software naturally less fulfilled software that is lacking in plenty of elements that affect productivity. On the other hand, QuickBooks hosting is somewhat affirming users with excellent and high-level features which will assist them and modernize their enterprise.

The main advantages that a user will get as perks of integration with the cloud are as follows:

  • Regular Backup alternatives to avoid unexpected data loss.
  • Real-time Tracking of the data.
  • Accessibility to several users by authorization.
  • Efficient data and file sharing with several users.
  • Minimization of large IT expenses and workspace.
  • Simultaneous accessibility of the same data from any internet-enabled device.
  • Improved and robust data security

Hence, these are all the features that make the traditional QuickBooks desktop version more beneficial than that of QuickBooks in cloud hosting.


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