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Kerala: God’s Own Country

by Sneha Shukla

Kerala tourism is increasing at a high rate. Every year we can see thousands of tourists flowing. Kerala is known for its scenic beauty, natural beauty, and many other attractions, and Kerala tourism has never experienced a dip in its tourism. Kerala is mainly known for its densely forested mountains covering western ghats and tropical green. They are home to exotic plant life and wildlife species, and these hill stations are favorite spots for wildlife enthusiasts.

The high Western Ghats provide the state with plenty of hill stations, unlike the rest of the state, which has high tourist invasion during the summer months. On these hills, you will find huge stretches of coffee, tea, and rubber, and some other things that too can be found are cardamon, pepper, and cloves. Kerala tourism encourages a lot of greenery and hill stations have become home to exotic wildlife. It also offers the most enriching experience of pure nature and its mesmerizing beauty. 

Kerala has hills that offer pleasing and delightful diversions ranging from hiking, biking, trekking, and hill-climbing tours to wildlife safaris to various wildlife sanctuaries on the hills. In the mad rush of the 21st century, finding time to travel with your family is very difficult. Everyone is extremely busy, and a family outing almost seems like far off dream. Family holidays are a great way to celebrate the triumph of solidarity. 

Kerala family tour is the perfect family holiday you and your family can cherish for years to come.

Kerala Hill Station Tourism

Kerala is blessed with scenic beauty wrapped in green nature. Kerala is also commonly known as God’s own country, and it’s the best destination to break from life’s hustles and bustles. Once you are in Kerala, you cannot miss the magical experience of hill stations. The hills are covered with mist which welcomes everyone, the cold air encircles you, and a pleasant atmosphere will make you experience heaven on earth. 


Kerala hill stations are blessed with great flora and fauna. These hill stations are home to tropical wildlife, which gives some rare adventures. Suppose you are a fan of hiking, trekking, or climbing. Biking Kerala is your destination. Scout the hills here and get closer to nature. The hill stations in Kerala are Wayanad, Thekaddy, Munnar, and Vagamon. 

Wayanad is full of greenary. The lush green forests, the healing waterfalls, and the raw nature are the specialties of Wayanad. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the best place to hide your worries and stress, lose yourself in the lap of nature, and cherish every moment spent here. 

Kerala Beach Tourism

Who said that Kerala is only known for its beauty of hills? The beaches here are equally beautiful. Kerala is one of India’s most sought-after tourist destinations, and Kerala has some fantastic backwaters and the scenic beauty of beaches. After Goa, Kerala has the most beaches, thus making it a beach destination. 

From the south of Kerala, at Trivandrum to the north of Kannur, Kerala has countless beaches embracing its countryside. Some of the most popular beaches in Kerala are Alappuzha Beach, Varkala Beach, Marari Beach, Kovalam, and Shankumugham Beach. Beaches hold a very special place in the records of Kerala. It is believed that the waters of Papanasam Beach, situated at Varkala, Trivandrum washes away all your sins. The main bell of the 2000-year-old Janardha temple is said to have been found by the Dutch captain of a 17th-century ship. 

The classical moment of Portuguese scouter Vasco Da Gama’s arrival at the Kappad Beach, Kozhikode, is an important point in the history of Kerala. It is the main reason they opened the sea trade between Europe and India. Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo earlier visited this beach too. 

The extended coastline of Kerala is filled with various cultures and traditions. It consists of local fishermen to international tourists, and each of these beaches, either Varkala, Marari, or Kovalam, is always full of life and energy. All these beaches of Kerala offer you a different and distinctive experience that will last for a lifetime. 

Kerala Medical Tourism

Over and above this, Kerala is also known for its medical tourism. Kerala family tours can be combined with medical treatment with a relaxing holiday. There are world-class hospital provisions for pre and post-operative care with a pleasant climate that makes your medical treatment easy and a positive experience. 


So the next time you want to plan a vacation considering Kerala is a perfect way of enjoying the best of both worlds, beaches, and mountains.

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