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Laser hair removal: does it work?

by Sneha Shukla

Laser hair removal: does it work?

Laser hair removal is a highly effective way to remove hair from the root. The process works by targeting pigment in the hair follicle, which causes the hair to fall out. This is not an entirely pain-free process, but it’s well worth it if you have coarse or thick hair that is frustrating to deal with. 

If you have sensitive skin and are worried about side effects, laser hair removal might not be for you. However, if your skin feels good after a treatment, this method of permanent hair removal might be for you. To find out more about this popular option and whether it’s right for you, keep reading.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that uses light to target specific hair follicles. Multiple lasers are directed at the area where the hair is located. The laser heats the follicle, which causes the hair to darken and fall out. Unlike electrolysis and other hair removal methods, laser hair removal doesn’t use any chemicals. 

Does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by targeting pigment in your hair follicles. This causes the hair to become darker and fall out. Since lasers don’t affect the root, the hair will grow back in. The laser treatment can be effective, but it’s not completely painless. Some side effects include redness, skin peeling, and a little swelling. With continued treatment, these effects will lessen and eventually go away. However, they’re common with all hair removal methods.

Pros of laser hair removal

– effective – effective hair removal is a big advantage of laser hair removal. Unlike some methods that can remove only a small percentage of hair, this method consistently burns the hair follicle. This causes the hair to drop out, which is permanent. 

– painless – many laser hair removal treatments are painless. You’re not exposed to any chemicals, so there’s no pain. Plus, the laser is focused on the area, so you don’t feel it on your skin. This is great for sensitive skin. 

– no shaving – shaving is another common way to remove unwanted hair from your body. But shaving is temporary. It removes only the hair on the surface of your skin, which often grows back quickly. Laser hair removal is also effective for removing unwanted hair from other areas, like your face, legs, and underarms.

– Save time – Laser hair removal is significantly faster than waxing or shaving. Hair grows roughly 1 cm per week, so it can take months to remove all your hair. Shaving or waxing simply can’t keep up. Laser hair removal is significantly faster, and you can work on a schedule that works for you.

Cons of laser hair removal

– expensive – laser hair removal is more expensive than other methods. However, the results are permanent and you can remove hair from multiple areas. This makes it a good investment. 

– blocked pores – some people experience blocked pores after using laser hair removal. This typically goes away on its own after a few weeks. 

– ineffective in some areas – like all hair removal methods, laser hair removal works best on light-colored hair. Darker hair may be too deep for the laser to affect. 

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser hair removal costs vary depending on the laser used and clinic. You can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 for the treatment. Some clinics offer payment plans if you don’t have the money upfront. This can help spread the cost out, so you don’t have to pay all at once. Some clinics offer discounted prices if you sign up for a recurring plan. For example, you can pay a monthly fee, receive unlimited treatments, and extend the time between treatments.

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