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LinkedIn’s new feature

LinkedIn’s new feature lets you schedule posts for later

by Ravi Sharma

LinkedIn’s new feature lets you schedule posts for later

Finally! LinkedIn has now given users an easy way to schedule posts on their profiles. This neat little tool will let you name your post, choose when in the week it should be published, and add a brief description. Your scheduled posts will now be collected into a calendar so people can see when your next post is going to be published. If you have difficulty figuring out what to share, this tool could help make your life easier.

If there is one social platform that people use more than any other it is LinkedIn. I joined the platform back in 2008 and I’ve been amazed by how it has grown. There are hundreds of millions of people on LinkedIn who use the platform for a host of different things. Whether it’s finding a job, networking with an old colleague, or keeping up to date with all your contacts, LinkedIn has pretty much got you covered.

The latest marketing feature added to LinkedIn is something that will really help content marketers take their game to the next level. Earlier this year LinkedIn introduced pre-scheduled posts that could be scheduled in advanced before they were published. The problem was that these posts were only visible to you and you couldn’t share them with anyone else.

LinkedIn is well known for having great tools for everyone, but this at least marks the first time that it has been able to share content with users on occasions other than when it was published. The scheduling of posts is a cool feature and will allow marketers to get some of the benefits of LinkedIn without sharing the content with people who can’t benefit from your latest marketing tactic.

The new scheduling tool will be very useful for marketers who want to share content at a time when they know there is going to be a higher amount of interest in it. For example, when you are trying to get traffic to your website or build more interest in your blog it can be frustrating when only a small percentage of the people out there will see what you have done.

Scheduling posts for those times when you know that traffic will be high is going to give you a better chance of getting the attention of that crucial few extra people. This is because even if only a small group of people views the content, there will be more interested people who watch what happens and can then view your post further on down the line once they have read it.

The new scheduling feature is a massive improvement on what LinkedIn users were able to do in the past. Previously you had no way of knowing if your post was going to be successful, but now you can at least plan for the future and have some certainty about how your content is going to reach new people.

I’m sure there are plenty of users out there who can’t wait for LinkedIn to introduce a whole host of other new features and developments in the near future. As time goes on, people will begin to look for other options that come with even more capabilities than LinkedIn does.

To the marketers, who already have made the switch from Myspace and Facebook to LinkedIn, this is going to be a very useful tool for them. It will help you plan for, and execute your content marketing strategy a lot better than if you had been trying to do it on your own.

LinkedIn’s scheduling tool is going to help you create content that is useful for your readers in advance of when it will actually be published. Asking yourself what posts are going to work best when instead of doing it all last minute could be a great investment in your success as a marketer.

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