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Master DevOps Certification In Just A Few Hours!

by Sonal Shukla

In the technological world, the word “DevOps” is a mix of various concepts. In general, most people aren’t sure if it’s an approach, a movement, culture, or a blend of all of the above. Mastering DevOps takes time and much hard work.

Globally, according to a survey by Grand View Research, the DevOps industry is expected to reach $12,85 billion by 2025. Reportlinker further projects that the DevOps market size will expand to US$10.3 billion by 2023, at a compound yearly growth rate of 24.70 percent throughout the projected period. DevOps is a buzzword in the IT world, and you must be aware of it if you work in the sector.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of Development and IT Operations to automate and repeat software production and deployment processes. When it comes to delivering software applications and services, DevOps speeds up the organization’s pace. DevOps is the combination of two terms, namely “development” and “operations.”

A greater understanding of customer needs allows firms to service their consumers better and compete more effectively in the market. In short words, DevOps is the synchronization of development and IT operations with better communication and collaboration.

Skills required for a DevOps engineer:

  • Flexibility: Coding is a continuous activity that needs to be updated regularly. A candidate must demonstrate competencies such as designing and integrating new systems into the code to become an excellent DevOps engineer. They should be able to adapt to changes in the code and work flexibly.
  • Security skills: Security is a significant factor in coding compared to other specialized fields. It is where hackers use their skills to get into systems and manipulate the secured system data. In DevOps, code is developed and deployed rapidly, which increases the danger of cyberattacks on the code. Hence, engineers must learn how to write safe code to defend it from unwanted intrusions by malicious hackers.
  • Decision making: For example, you don’t hire a candidate who cannot make decisions. The successful DevOps engineer should have the capability to make wise decisions instantaneously in an unstable condition. It’s essential to have someone on hand to fix incoherent code elements as the code changes constantly. When hiring a DevOps engineer, decisiveness is a crucial factor to keep in mind when evaluating candidates.
  • Collaboration: If you want to build strong DevOps teams, managers should play a significant role in helping their colleagues solve challenges that arise when working in a DevOps group. Work in small batches to make other people’s jobs easier. For example, start with code reviews and go on to developing acceptance tests.

DevOps Training Certification

Anybody who wants to become a DevOps Engineer can benefit from a DevOps certification. Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, Microsoft Academy, and DevOps Institute offer certificates in their respective areas. Developing coding experience in at least one high-level programming language, creating automated infrastructure, maintaining operating systems, and an in-depth understanding of modern development and operations procedures will make this certification a cakewalk for you.

This DevOps Engineer Master’s program will help you learn how to bridge the gap between software engineers and operations personnel in this fast-growing sector. Learn the ideas of continuous development and deployment, configuration management automation, and IT service agility using DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, and Jenkins.

AWS DevOps Engineer certification opens up a wide range of job options. More than 10000 AWS certified DevOps Engineer jobs are currently available on naukri.com, according to the site. AWS DevOps Engineers earn roughly Rs 485k per year at entry-level, according to Glassdoor.

What are the DevOps certifications available on the market today? Are they so valuable?

DevOps professionals are in high demand from 2018. Demand for DevOps experts has risen significantly over the years in the IT industry. A certification in DevOps is a win-win situation for both the individual professional and the enterprise. In addition to adding value to one’s profile as an IT professional, completing a certification in the same field can help one’s job chances move faster than they would otherwise.

Listed below are the several types of DevOps certifications that are available today.

1) Foundation,

2) Certified Agile Process Owner &

3) Certified Agile Service Manager

An individual who has earned a Foundation DevOps Certification can use DevOps’ concepts and best practices in the enterprise and improve workflow and communication within the enterprise.

Tips to master DevOps certification course in fewer hours

  1. Instructors are essential: First and first, it is vital to consider the person going to teach when picking a course. It is crucial to focus on several factors while choosing an instructor. Some of the essential ones include the style that they are teaching. The pace of the lesson and the teacher’s speaking style should be the following things on your mind as well. 
  2. Course content is also important: As you will be studying the course material, the content must be up-to-date and relevant. Enroll in a course where everything has been updated or reworked. It is good to take a look at the materials they make available. Yes, numerous online courses offer more than simply the content you pay for, and they are often quite valuable.
  3. Money is not the only consideration: Best DevOps courses online make this error all the time, and it’s one of the most common. People tend to choose the cheapest online course since they don’t want to spend more money on online courses. It is a group of people who then complain about the lower quality in front of their peers. You shouldn’t buy the most expensive one. Instead of focusing on the cost of a course, think about the value you are getting out of every rupee you spend on it.

Final thoughts

Developing your skills as a DevOps Engineer is not an easy task, but it is one of the most well-respected and sought-after careers of your day. Becoming a DevOps engineer is just the beginning of a long path leading to being a DevOps manager and eventually managing an entire DevOps team.

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