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Metarun: A P2E runner game that pays players

by Sneha Shukla

Metarun: A P2E runner game that pays players


If you hopped on to this article and are reading this ahead, you are either a gamer or would love to understand the concept of free money. And luck’s in your favor because you read it right! You are about to know more about a P2E runner game that pays to players, Metarun. 

Imagine getting paid to play games in a world where even clean and fresh oxygen comes with a price. 


Let’s first find out what this game is about and how it pays its players for a clearer understanding. 


What are P2E games?


P2E games are nothing but games that a player can play to earn. In other words, it is an acronym for play to earn. Usually, Blockchain technology is used in play-to-earn games, which helps you get paid in cryptocurrencies for playing them. Under the P2E paradigm, gamers can use cryptocurrency to make money by playing games or providing services in the gaming industry. With the help of this innovative, community-driven business model, gamers may work more freely with game developers to improve the game.


About the game


Metarun is an endless runner game that works in the Metaverse and enables you to earn in nft and crypto as you play. The game is designed for Android and IOS, and players can play it from their mobile phones. If there’s an easy way to earn while you enjoy, it is this game. 


You must have come across other endless Runner games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfer; while the game concept is pretty similar, the difference is that the characters here are NFT based, and you get paid for playing. 


The game’s theme is a mysterious forest, and the player runs through it, exploring and collecting points. They maximize their points and get paid depending on their earned points as they run. 


The points earned also depend on the player’s performance, which depends on the skin they choose. The Nft Skins are classified as common, rare or mythical, with the last being the highest performing. The rares the skin, the bigger the win. The skin of Oro has the highest ROI but isn’t available to all. 


Paying concept of the game


One can earn different currencies as soon as one starts playing Metarun. You can use it in the game for various things when you gain something. However, these currencies depend on the nature and class of the currency. There are two types of currencies: soft currencies and hard currencies.


You might consider using the soft cash you acquire in the game. The soft currencies most frequently used are GOLD, DIAMOND, and SAPPHIRE. Keep in mind that transferring the soft currency into $MRUN tokens is impossible.


What are $MRUN Tokens, and how can one use them?


You must understand why obtaining Metarun Token and OPAL is vital if you want to preserve the ecosystem. But $MRUN and OPAL differ significantly from one another. OPAL is a well-known stable cryptocurrency, whereas $MRUN adheres to Binance’s BEP-20 token standard.


On the other hand, OPAL has a price fixed at a ratio of 1:270 or a few US dollars. Using the pricing oracles, you can also swap OPAL for $MRUN.


You can convert the hard currency for native Metarun tokens as soon as possible. In some circumstances, after viewing the price information, you will need to use a tool to assist you in making a decision. The pricing oracle is one such device. There is now only one kind of hard currency available, and that is OPAL.


So when can one use $MRUN tokens?


The $MRUN is frequently considered by gamers when they need to enhance their characters. The token may also get used to raising the level of the skins and level up the abilities. You will need to pay a charge already built into the $MRUN token whenever you decide to mint the updated NFTs. Therefore, you must first mint the enhanced characters and then sell them on the secondary market before continuing.


Once you have the $MRUN token, you can purchase the Metarun super NFT chest and use it to earn exclusive rewards, currencies, and more. The token not only provides extra benefits but also increases your earning potential. Later, you might consider using the tokens to participate in staking and farming pools. You can start earning rewards in a set percentage and consider participating in $MRUN farming once you start participating in the pool.  


You can utilize $MRUN to bypass a particular assignment in addition to obtaining Battle Passes and tickets for special events. Therefore, if you want to create a team or play rank matches, you need the token. Also, when you want to provide something to the creators, you can use $MRUN. If you wish to upgrade your game experience, you can lease a character with the tokens.


How is crypto gaming different from conventional online gaming?


Gamers can own their in-game assets and convert them into fiat currency, trade them for other cryptocurrencies, or join a liquidity pool in addition to NFTs. A liquidity pool is a cryptocurrency contained in a smart contract and will later be used to generate liquidity for transactions. It is what distinguishes cryptocurrency gaming from traditional video games. Thus, any gaming item considered valuable, such as a sword, an amulet, or any other digital MacGuffin that helps you rack up points, can be tokenized as an NFT and traded at first. Although it could be initially expensive, you can always check the rate of return.


When is the Right time to start playing the game?


The right time to start playing the game would have been yesterday! Is there even a right time to earn money, especially when it comes free? No, right? Install the game right away and start playing it now. Choose the best skins to make the most money. Remember, the rarer the skin, the higher the ROI. Enjoy your time in the mysterious forests of Metarun as money flows into your account. Run now to get to Metarun and earn as you run! 

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