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Monica Turner

Monica Turner: Five Quick Facts About Her Ex-Wife Mike Tyson

by Sonal Shukla

Former boxing champion Monica Turner was Mike Tyson’s ex-wife.

Five brief facts about her are provided in this article, including: She was married to Mike Tyson for seven years and was of African American origin. She was from a working-class family in The Bronx, New York. Her first husband was a boxer named Jimmy Turner, who passed away in 1990 at the age of 42 after suffering injuries in a workplace accident.

Five Quick Facts About Monica Turner, Ex-Wife of Mike Tyson

By Estee Adorables Contributor, Meagan O’Neill, FNN Writer, and Editor in Chief Jessica Blavat.

Former boxing champion Monica Turner was Mike Tyson’s ex-wife. Despite only being together for seven years, their marriage will be remembered as one of the most difficult and tumultuous in history.
Despite their breakup, Monica Turner continues to be active in the boxing community as the mother of E-Rod, A.J., and Mikie Turner. Ex-wife of Mike Tyson is a well-known worldwide model, businesswoman, and activist for environmental causes.

Here are Monica Turner’s top five quick facts:

She was reared in The Bronx, New York, where she was born in 1968. Jimmy Turner, a boxer who was her first husband, passed away in 1990 as a result of wounds acquired in a workplace accident.
When Monica Turner was 12 years old, she competed in boxing matches with Cindy Hendricks, which she won. Monica Turner had achieved popularity as a model and actor by the time she turned 20. She met her first spouse while auditioning for the role of “Heavy Time” in a movie.
She played a character named Diane in the film “Moonstruck,” which is one of her most well-known parts.

1. Turner and Tyson were married between 1997 and 1998 after meeting at a party hosted by Eddie Murphy.

On May 26, 1997, Monica Turner wed Mike Tyson, a little under four months after his divorce from Robin Givens. Prior to their wedding, Tyson and his first ex-wife enjoyed a seven-year relationship. She still felt the same way about him that she did when her husband first met her.
When they were married, news reports stated that Monica Turner “resembled” Mike Tyson and that she was “his type.” On November 19, 1997, the couple gave birth to a daughter they called Rayna (later changed to Exodus).

The former Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tyson were interviewed by Diane Sawyer in October 1998, a year after their nuptials. The interview was held in their shared Manhattan apartment, which had a bed that was “large enough for two professional basketball teams.”

2. Tyson and Turner stayed close during his prison term after being convicted of rape; he was released after just three years.

When Tyson was incarcerated as a result of his rape conviction, the pair was already married. Although she continued her contact with him while he was incarcerated, she had already started dating and subsequently married another guy (she would later divorce Tyson in 2005).
Tyson had abused his first wife Robin Givens at the time of their marriage, and it’s possible that having a wedding was their method of processing the trauma of that event.

3. In addition to raising Tyson’s daughter from a previous relationship, who is active in civil rights work, Turner also raised Tyson’s two adult children, Amir and Rayna, who were born to him and Turner.

Two kids were born to Tyson and Monica Turner. Amir, their son, was born on December 15, 1998, and Rayna, their daughter, was born on December 19, 1999. With his first wife Robin Givens, to whom he was wed from February 1988 to February 1989, Tyson also has a daughter by the name of Exodus (whom Turner reared).

After her father Tyson abused her mother Robin and caused her to be admitted to a mental hospital for 72 days in 2001, Turner was given custody of Exodus.

4. Turner and Tyson got divorced in 2005, but Mike Tyson continued to date many women and get married.

In 2005, Monica Turner and Mike Tyson were divorced. He had two children with Monica; one of them was his daughter from a previous relationship; they had been married for seven years. Even though they had begun the divorce process in 2005, it wasn’t finalised until 2006. 4. In her divorce papers, filed in 2003, Turner accused Tyson of adultery. She demanded that he be ordered to pay alimony and child support.

In January 2002, Monica Turner filed for divorce from Mike Tyson. The divorce was granted in December 2003. Despite not going through a formal divorce during their seven years of marriage, they did separate in 2003. Although Tyson acknowledged that their marriage was “irrevocably broken,” he refuted her charges that he had physically abused her.
According to the divorce papers, Mike Tyson “committed adultery with a number of women,” which is what caused their separation.

5. Turner, a paediatrician, has a low profile following her divorce with the well-known heavyweight; she and Tyson were both featured in the 2008 Channel 4 documentary “The World According to Tyson.”

Monica Turner changed her career to paediatrics after her divorce. New York and New Jersey both grant her a licence. She is not just any doctor; she is a paediatrician. The American House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Children and Families held hearings on “Domestic Violence and Child Abuse: Protecting America’s Youngest Victims,” and she was profiled in the online paediatricians’ magazine Voice of Pediatricians.

Having raised her son A.J. and daughter Exodus alone, Monica now resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with them. Additionally, she has had romances with former NFL player Jeff Fisher, businessman Victor Garcia III, actor Gabrielle Union, and former NBA player Dwayne Jones.

At a bar where she was hosting charity events, Turner met her future husband, Victor Garcia III. Garcia was the creator of the global footwear brand Proper Inc.

Monica Turner has made an effort to uphold Mike Tyson’s legacy, despite the fact that they are no longer married. She works hard to prevent children from making the same mistakes as individuals like herself as a successful paediatrician. According to reports, Tyson is very protective of her.

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