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Why Should One Choose Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries For Their Boats?

by Sneha Shukla

Why Should One Choose Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries For Their Boats?


Trolling Marine batteries are the widely used battery in boats for fishing. The reason for the popularity of these batteries can be attributed simply to the fact that they provide a stable supply that is required in fishing as it takes a long time to catch. There are many varieties and lithium trolling marine batteries are rising as the stars in the world of marine batteries.

Lithium trolling marine batteries in various aspects from other batteries but many Is the material used in these batteries that distinguishes them from other batteries available.

What are lithium trolling marine batteries?

Lithium trolling marine batteries are the battery that is made from lithium iron phosphate which is specifically designed for boats and is known to provide them with a steady supply of power to keep the boat moving without disturbing much of the water surrounding them. The batteries come in nearly most voltages.

More and more fishing enthusiasts are buying them because they are significantly more than other batteries such as the AGM and Lead acid batteries. But before moving on to the reason why lithium trolling marine batteries are the best let’s take a look at the other two types of batteries namely Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries and Lead-Acid Wet Batteries let’s have a look at each one of them.

Lead-Acid Wet Batteries

The lead-acid batteries as their name suggest are composed of cells that are dipped inside a mixture of an acid (called sulfuric acid) and water that help the cell contain the energy and use it later when used. They need to be maintained and last about 2 to 3 years.


AGM Batteries 

The AGM batteries are sealed lead acid batteries that use an ultra-thin glass mat that makes them different from the lead acid batteries by providing dry batteries that don’t need much maintenance and provide high power compared to the Lead-acid wet battery. They also have a longer life compared to the wet acid battery.

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with other chiefly used batteries. Let us look at why lithium trolling marine batteries are winning the market and are the future of batteries.

Reason 1: Longer life

The battery mentioned would last a maximum of 5 years if they are well maintained this is not the case with lithium trolling marine batteries as they can stay with the boat for a long time even if one doesn’t maintain it properly. The batteries can last up to 10 years or even more (if they are handled with care), on the other hand, one would have already used two or more lead-acid batteries by that time.

Thus, the batteries save money in the longer run by having a longer life compared to lead-acid batteries.

Reason 2: Less weight

If one has ever used lead-acid batteries ten they are not foreign to the concept that these batteries are pretty heavy although it might seem just a matter of lifting them this is not the case as the extra weight that these batteries put along with the weight of fishing equipment can make the functioning of the motor difficult and one don’t need it. The weight is less even for the same amount of power.

For example, if someone is using a particular power lead acid battery that weighs approx. 80 pounds then for the same power a lithium battery would weigh nearly half the weight i.e., 40 pounds.

Reason 3: Faster charge

In the modern world, nobody wants to spend most of their time charging their batteries as in it time is money and the precious that one might be losing on charging can be spent fishing as it is a time-consuming activity.

But unfortunately, traditional batteries like AGM and lead acid do takes a lot of time to charge. This is not the case with lithium batteries as it would take approximately 2 hours to fully charge them. The reason for this fast charging resides in the ability of the battery to transport smaller electrolytes and porous electrodes.

This fast charging happens as it is this easy transfer of electrolytes that are responsible for charging.

Reason 4: Resilience

The batteries like any electronic items do need care from high temperatures that they might on themselves due to working more and the temperature of the environment in which these boats are. Now lead-acid batteries are not very resilient to temperature and they need more and more time to cool down especially if one is fishing on a summer day and wastes a lot of time.

This is not the case with lithium trolling marine batteries as these batteries endure high temperatures in the environment and don’t overheat much after hours of use. The heating due to high temperature will endure a lot of damage and eventually destroy the batteries before their average run time.

Reason 5: Low maintenance

The battery requires a lot of care if one is using lead-acid batteries as one needs to monitor their cells and acid and change them as they can be pretty hazardous and endure huge damage to both the motor and boats. The cost of maintenance can be high if only doing the maintenance every six months.

But this is not the case with e lithium trolling marine batteries since they don’t have acid that requires monitoring and the cell need not be changed even after years of use that one can put it through. Thus, saving maintenance costs over other types of batteries.

How to choose the best lithium trolling batteries?

One might have many doubts when they enter the market but there is no need to worry as one needs to focus on only these three aspects while buying a battery:

  1. The lithium battery must have a warranty of 2-3 years.
  2. The battery must provide suitable power i.e., if one is using a 30-volt motor then one must buy a battery with a 30-volt power supply.
  3. The battery must have a high amp hour rating.

These reasons mentioned above are enough to use lithium trolling marine batteries than any other batteries as they are the future of marine batteries.


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