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Most Popular Casino Games in India

by Sneha Shukla

India is a country with many traditions. According to historical records and old books such as Ramayana, gambling exist among Indians for a very long time. Although it probably started around 430 BC, some believe that this type of entertainment dates back to 2000’ BC. However, the most enthusiastic ones often use 7300’ BC as a reference. Back then the most popular were chess and other board games. Ancient Indians were not passionate about gambling just for the sake of winning. They also loved testing their luck and fortune.

Modern gambling in India

Gambling is nowadays an international online business that particularly flourished with the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Despite legal obstacles introduced in some countries, people can enjoy gambling no matter where they are. For the large majority of Indian gamblers, this is a fun and easy way to relax, or simply just another recreational entertainment. According to experts, if gambling is conducted responsibly, meaning for fun and not for income, and combined with other recreational activities gambling can be quite harmless and entertaining.

Same as anywhere in the world, Indians have different tastes, depending on their age, interests, and preferences. Online sports betting is getting more and more popular in this country, as we speak. Indians love to bet on cricket, horse racing, and football. Meanwhile, some good old casino games such as slot machines or Blackjack are still interesting and appealing to many.

Top 5 games Indian gamblers like to play

Indians don’t have a problem finding the best live casinos online because their number is growing rapidly and daily. To fully enjoy the gambling experience, it’s crucial to find trustworthy, legitimate, fair, and professional ones. Most gamblers, no matter where they come from, want to be sure that their privacy is protected, and that money withdrawn will be secured, quick, and efficient. A good online gambling service also includes non-stop customer service, bonuses, and loyalty credits.

Many online casinos welcome players from India with special benefits and gifts. This is why Indian gamblers love to spend their free time playing these five casino games.


This is a real classic with easy-to-learn rules. There is something hypnotic in the way the little white ball swirls on the Roulette wheel and many players can’t resist it. Some online casinos invested in specially designed studios with a live dealer chat option to mimic the ground casinos’ atmosphere and made it even more tempting.


This card game was invented in the 16th century but is still among the most popular, not just for Indians but also for players worldwide. It’s known as the Twenty-One game, as the goal is to collect cards with a total score of less or exactly 21, but not over. This is another game that is much more interesting with the live dealer, especially because players don’t play against each other.

Indian Rummy

It’s also known as Paplu and has several variants, such as Deals, Pool, or Points Rummy. It’s among the most popular games in South Asia as well. Indian Rummy can be played by 2 to 6 players and is very similar to the original Rummy game. The difference is the number of cards dealt to each player.

Andar Bahar

This traditional Indian game also called Katti was invented in South India but is loved and played by people around the globe. However, it’s slightly changed and modernized. The new version uses a standard deck with 52 cards.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Indian version of the American Poker game. It evolved from a family game to a very popular casino version with simple rules. Probably the reason why beginners from India love to play it in online casinos.  


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