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Scintillating & Elegant Concealed Lighting Ideas For Your Home  

by Sneha Shukla

The lighting industry has a new trend that’s doing rounds across the globe and it as elegant as it is gorgeous. Concealed lighting is one of the recent trends that has gripped everybody and for all the right reasons. Concealed lighting did trend some years ago but the trend quickly faded out as it gave way to much more eccentric design trends. And the way this trend has picked up momentum this year, it is expected to be prevalent throughout 2023. Pelety


There are many easy ways you can use concealed lighting designs to add a unique look to your space. The thing about concealed lighting is that it not only accentuates the ambience of your space but also enhances the functionality of your beautiful homes. Concealed lighting is the best alternative to layered lighting as you get all the elements in place, be it ambient lighting, functional lighting or accent lighting. Now take a look at all the lighting ideas that we have for you that can transform your living space with concealed lighting. Concealed lighting sounds too complex into your decor but it really isn’t if you’re careful about a few things. 


Highlight the architectural elements of your space


Concealed lighting and architectural elements go hand in hand and they add a stunning touch to your decor. Highlighting the architectural elements in your living space adds a bold and dynamic vibe to your decor and it becomes a gorgeous focal point to look at. There are many ways you can highlight these elements, and some of the common techniques include wall grazing and wall washing. 


No matter what kind of architecture your home flaunts, be it modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, neo-modern, industrial or what not, concealed lighting can bring the best out of anything. You can choose to highlight an exposed beam, pillars, windows, walls and more with uplights, downlights, spotlights and more. 


Concealed lighting in an open-plan layout 


An open-plan layout is a common sight to see. Concealed lighting designs are used to their full potential here as they can be used as zoning lights to demarcate the entire space. Open-plan layouts are multifunctional and concealed lighting designs are so versatile that they can make the entire are really functional. Spotlights, downlights and track lighting are the perfect designs to be used in an open-plan layout and they add just the depth and dimension your living space needs. 


Use miniaturised architectural lights 


Miniaturized architectural lights and smaller lighting fixtures are the best ones to go for if you’re looking for a perfectly concealed lighting layout. You can use accent lighting designs like LED strip lights and spotlights to light up your cabinets and joineries and add to the ambience of your living space. You can always use smaller lighting fixtures to highlight home decor, paintings, photographs in your space and add dimension to your decor. There are other concealed lighting options like LED panels, LED modules and much more that can be used for the purpose too. 

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