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Spend pleasant time at home this summer season with air conditioner India

by Sneha Shukla

It’s a fact that many parts of India still have hot and humid climates. So, the constant need for cooling and air filtration persuades many homeowners to buy good AC units. If you are living in a hot and humid area, you should seek the best air conditioner India. However, finding the best AC seems a daunting task due to the many options available. But you cannot wait to grab some of the best deals in the winter season for ACs. So, there are many feature-specific air-conditioning models available in the market. You only need to act smart to grab one which suits your needs. But still, if you have brain fog for choosing the best AC, refer to this post for proper guidance.


Prefer AC type as per your needs

 First of all, you should understand which type of AC suits best to your needs. You can refer to window, split, or portable 1 ton AC for efficient cooling advantage. However, each AC comes with specific user intent that you should know, such as:


  •   Window AC – Easier to maintain, useful for smaller space


  •   Split AC – Best for large spaces, expensive     


  •   Portable AC – Easy to use for multiple rooms, expensive

 By keeping these considerations in mind, you can settle for the right AC type.


  •   Check room size for air conditioner India.

 Another key aspect is the size of your room, which helps you to make the right AC choice. Most Indian houses have smaller bedrooms, which are likely to get efficient cooling. As an average-income household, you can consider 1 ton AC to get adequate cooling for your space. One tonnage of AC can easily cool a space with a measurement of 150-180 sq. ft., so you can get a comfortable climate for sleeping peacefully during the summer. However, if you want to cool a larger space, you can expand reach to 1.5 or 2 tonnage. 


  •  Inverter or non-inverter AC choice

 Choosing a room air conditioner India with inverter technology might require you to spend more initially. However, this technology is good for keeping your unit running at a constant and smooth pace. But ACs with this innovation have higher prices than those that don’t have the feature. So, it’s up to you what to choose if you have the budget to spend more. However, a non-inverter AC is also good for cooling and is a pocket-friendly choice. 

  • Consider a good rating for AC.

The rating of AC indicates its energy efficiency in cooling the space. You must go with a 5-star rating of AC despite choosing a window or split model. However, ACs with a 3-star rating are also good to consider for efficient cooling. But remember, the highest rating leads to more energy-efficient working of the AC. So, whether you choose 1 ton AC or more tonnage capacity, you should focus on rating. It enables you to have a good unit to make your space cool without raising power consumption.  

  • Check the warranty and service quality.

Almost every AC model comes with a 1-year warranty and more for the compressor. But you should check whether the air conditioner India you prefer has a good service and repair warranty period. You should focus on the warranty period for the compressor as it performs the main function of cooling. Also, make sure that the company provides adequate service for repair and regular maintenance of the unit. 

FAQ: Which is the best AC brand in India to prefer?

Although there are many reputable AC brands to choose from. Carrier is the most preferable brand for air conditioner India. It provides a quality range of window, split, and portable ACs. You can see a myriad range of modern features in these ACs to get smooth working and efficient cooling. 

To sum up

You can go through this exhaustive guide to get valuable insights on choosing the best unit. A good air conditioner India should have additional features of turbo mode, sleep timer, 4-way swing, etc. So, while getting one for your home, you should take a look at these specifications. By having AC, you can have a pleasant time despite the hot and humid climate outdoors.

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