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The Benefits of Being Instagram Verified

by Sneha Shukla

The Benefits of Being Instagram Verified

Less than 1% of accounts on Instagram are verified. In other words, if you’re verified on Instagram, in some ways, you belong to the top 1% of the Instagram population. And how many people use buy instagram reels views ? Well, over 2 billion users a month are active on Instagram. In the sea of 2 billion users, you, as a verified user fall in the 1% category. Brilliant, isn’t it? If there is one single thing that can make your account look authentic, notable, superior, trustworthy and many other wonderful things, it’s the coveted blue badge. Just a simple blue tick next to your name, instantly communicates to the world that you are different. That you, of all the 2 billion users, are notable. That you, can be trusted. Nothing does more to your social proof in the world of digital media than having a blue verified check mark. It’s no wonder that people spend thousands of dollars to buy Instagram verified accounts. Its no surprise that people invest upwards of tens of thousands of dollars to get their brands verified on all social media networks. In today’s topic let’s take a look at how this one tiny blue tick really benefits you on Instagram. Let’s get started!


Its no secret that the Instagram verification process is strict. Just the fact that you’re verified automatically tells people that you are someone notable. And, that you have been vetted by Instagram. In turn, people automatically trust you more. Let’s say you have a look at two property developer pages on Instagram. Both have the same number of followers and similar posts. How would you know if one is just a phishing website out there to scam unsuspecting customers? Well, if one is verified, you’d automatically lean towards that page. You’d know in your mind, that the chances of this company being bogus are fairly lower than the other one. 

A verified badge automatically makes people know that you are important. That you are known. That you are credible. And this means, more clicks to your website. More conversions of followers. More inquiries by phone. And so much more!


Think of this. You are given two venues as option for a dinner date. One place is completely empty. The other is buzzing with lively music, it’s filled with lots of people having fun – and it’s just got that spark. Where would you rather eat? 

This is social proof at it’s best. People would more likely follow an account that has 100k followers vs. one that has 200 followers. Why? Because it tells them that the 100k account must be better because ‘so many people already follow it’. You get what we mean? Even if the account with 200 followers has better content, people would still prefer to follow one that is bigger. You want to associate yourself with something bigger than you. Someone better than you. 

Similarly, people are more likely to follow you if you are verified. With a verified account, people linger just a bit longer. ‘Hmm, they’re verified. They must be someone famous and important. Let me check them out’. You see, the thought process is more relaxed. And the thinking is more patient. While with regular pages, people make a split-second decision on whether they should follow the page or not, with a verified page they wait a minute longer. 

It’s the same logic that applies in real life. People wait longer to honk at a Rolls Royce versus a Camry. With a Rolls Royce everyone on the road is just a bit more patient. ‘He must be someone important’. That’s social proof. And same applies with verified badge. People convert better. People follow you faster. People second guess you lesser. And on and on it goes.  Yeah, no wonder people spend thousands to buy Instagram verified account. I mean, it does come with a ton of benefits. 


One of the other benefits of a verified badge is that verified accounts get access to new and beta features. Instagram always keeps working to put out new and fun features for its users. Whether it’s Instagram adding stories or reels, or if they’re deciding to hide likes – they are always up to something. 

With so many new features coming in every now and then, one of the best things that you can do as a content creator is to be the first one to utilize the new feature. Why? Imagine this. Imagine if you consistently focused on uploading reels every day the moment ‘reels’ was introduced on Instagram. Sure, it’s massive now. So much of Instagram traffic goes to reels. But, so is the competition, its tougher now.


With a verified account, you’d always have a head start into the new features. And this means, you have the ability to jump on new features when the competition is almost nil. And this can translate to more followers, more engagement, and more growth. 


There is a lot more that comes with a verified account. I mean, lots of people just buy Instagram verified accounts to network on Instagram. To reach out to prominent people, or even celebrities. Who do you think would a celebrity be more inclined to reply to? A random person on Instagram? No. They’d not even bat an eye at a random DM. And just hit ‘delete all’. But wait, what if someone verified drops in their DM? Well, that’s when they’d think a bit more. That’s where they’d be just a bit more patient before going for the ‘delete’ button. You can get better replies and results when it comes to growing your network if your account is verified vs. if your account is not. And that is a fact! Everything for social media gets just a little bit easier with a verified account. Things just work themselves out. You don’t have to try too hard. And those are the benefits that you get with a verified account on Instagram.

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