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Top Cricket Match Update Marketing strategies that have the best shot at working

by Sonal Shukla

 Currently, there are hundreds of websites that provide cricket match update, player news, fantasy cricket tips, the latest scores, and much more. Suppose you have built a new cricket-related website or app, and you need to stand out against the already established cricket websites. In that case, a lot of marketing and promotional activities have to be carried out to get huge traffic on your website successfully. Let’s discuss some proven ideas to market the Cricket Match Update website.

  • Best Marketing Ideas for promoting Cricket Match Update

  1. Moment marketing:

 This strategy involves targeting the audience in real-time, during prime TV moments, and promoting your cricket mach update on a second screen device. In the last couple of years, digital marketers have been using smartphones and other devices to engage with the audience while they are watching TV. For example, if viewers miss a key moment during a live cricket match, they will look up google searches to know what happened. It is where moment marketing helps and makes sure your cricket match update is available as the first search result.

  1. Use of influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is a proven technique of promoting cricket-related products. For example, to promote the Reliance Jio brand, almost all IPL teams engaged in unique advertisements. The same strategy can be applied for marketing cricket match update websites using an apt social media influencer that you think is best suited for the promotion. Being at the right place at the right time is crucial to make this idea work effectively.

  1. Proficient use of social media

The use of social media is imperative to gain traffic on your cricket match update website. Having a Twitter handle, YouTube channel, Instagram pages is crucial to maintain a presence in the digital world. Along with the latest cricket scores, there should be the facility of uploading live pictures, videos, and publishing interesting blogs to attract the target audience. Expert reviews, podcasts, fantasy cricket tips all should be part of your cricket website package to market it in the best way.  As a brand, you should know the fact that the audience enjoys real-time images and videos, and live commentary is also helpful in promoting your cricket match update website.

  1. Hashtags on Twitter

The game of cricket and especially the IPL, is the most talked-about on the popular social media platform, Twitter. Major sporting websites consciously post about players, provide expert analysis, pitch reports, and other stuff before a live match and create hashtags so that it starts trending on Twitter. This is an effective strategy that will allow a buzz to be created about a particular cricketing event and then get audience engagements with the right content. 

  1. Organize contests 

Some fantasy apps run various contests related to a live cricket match and will ask you to predict the winner, and if you guess right, then you have an opportunity to win great prizes. The same marketing campaign can be done to promote the cricket match update website among viewers. As a marketing team, organizing interesting live contests will help you get audience engagement and also generate some quality leads.  

  1. Interaction with people

It is imperative to have a good connection with the audience. If you are not keeping them as the central focus of your marketing campaign, then all your effort may be rendered useless. To reach a regional audience, creating content in their native language, such as Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, etc., can give you a competitive edge. This will help market your cricket match update website and generate more traffic. People always open up much better if you can strike a conversation in their mother tongue to make the live cricket action more enjoyable.

Cricket is the most-watched sport in India, with billions of followers, and there are hundreds of websites to choose from to get a cricket match update. To make your website or app achieve great success, the six strategies mentioned above can be beneficial as they are tested and proven successful. Using them creatively and at the right time can bring you traffic like never before.

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