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Top places to buy LUNA the token of the new Terra 2.0 blockchain

by Sonal Shukla

The coin LUNA

Terra (LUNA) is a concept of public blockchain connected to the algorithm stable coin TerraUSD (UST). The LUNA crashed severely in May 2022 and was renamed LUNC. The coin is virtually worthless aftermath it collides. In the wake of this, its developers created an advanced blockchain which is the new Bitcoins Using Wallets. A noticeable key is that the new Terra is not associated with the  UST stable coin.

The coin is built on a world-class user interface. This feature has driven the TerraClassic into the top-notch list of cryptos in the market cap. Alongside this, it is successful in securing the second position in TVL.

Downfall and hike

The lavish launch of Terra 2.0 blockchain by the Terraform Labs has awakened the investors catching their attention. With its launch, the token has witnessed a surge of 20$. This surge was only to shed 73% of its original value the next day.

Presently, the token is trading at 6$.For LUNA  trading and investment log onto Bitcoin smart.

LUNA is not open to all trading mediums but here are some of the places where your investment can be a big fish:

Places offering LUNA coins


Binance is the top nudging nutshell of the cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. Toddling with its aim, it has taken the plunge of offering LUNA to its customers. 

Since its birth in 2017, its growth has been progressively rapid. It will add Terra (LUNA) to the Innovation Zone and is open for trading since the 5th of May 2022. The Innovation zone mentioned here is an open trading arena allowing users to trade for new coins. These coins can be risky and highly volatile as compared to other coins.

Being a newbie in the market, it may pose a risk to its investors but is also subjected to price volatility. Users are advised to complete all possible tasks before trading in the Innovation Zone.

The users need to visit a web version of the Innovation trading page to go through a careful check of Binance Terms of Use. They also need to ensure to fill in the questionnaire system which will help the platform provide accurate information.


Launched in September 2017, KuCoin has gained global popularity in the market of cryptocurrencies. IT has become a global crypto exchange for various cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Its user interface has already crashed over 5 million registered users from 200+ countries and realms. The Alexa traffic ranking reveals the new visitors in the KuCoin’s site rank among the top-A grade globally.     

One can buy Terra LUNA 2.0 on centralised exchanges (CEX) and or swap for acquiring LUNA on decentalised exchange exchanges (DEX). Purchasing LUNA via a broker or a digital wallet will increase a high transaction fees.

However, buying Terra 2.0 (LUNA) on the very platform KuCoin is not a complex process. Instead it’s a very smooth and straightforward process. Here is how you own one :

Register for an account

Navigate to the search engine Kucoin.com and sign up as per the instruction given. You can also sign up in the KuCoin app. A Know your customer (KYC) can be filled in for further verification.

Add funds to your account to make a quick buy

The fast buy page helps in quickly transforming your fiat currency into a USTD. KuCoin has as many as 70 payment modes for its customers inclusive of PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and SEPA. They can pick any convenient mode as per their choice. Another choice is that users can opt for a person-to-person (p2p) or buy a USTD from third-party sellers on thievery same platform. 

After this, all you have to do is check the current market price and pick a pair of LUNA/USTD from its spot trading section. The holdings are credited into your KuCoin trading account.

Users are required to be very cautious in terms of holding their funds in their respective accounts. The information in your account must be guarded safely as it has a high risk of hacking. Any site is not responsible to bear the risks or losses you incurred while buying, selling or holding digital assets.


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