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Top Three Cryptocurrencies For Investment

by Sneha Shukla


Cryptocurrency is a 21st-century innovation. The first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was issued in 2009 by a mysterious person, Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto’s identification is still unknown. Although in the beginning there were some claims about Satoshi, all these claims were false. It removes the third-party interference between the two main parties like buyer and seller transactions. With the use of cryptocurrencies, the third party interference, like bank or any credit card company, in transactions become zero. 

The first cryptocurrency was issued in the blank white paper, and it was offered at no cost to make people aware and attracted towards cryptocurrencies. But those who invested it are now delighted, and those who do not are now repentant as people thought it was just a scam or a trick to gain money. Any government or financial sector does not own these cryptocurrencies, which could be a reason for not getting people’s trust. But this year is a lucky year for all, especially top cryptocurrencies holders, as the crypto industry gained a massive increase in its capital. 

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is still on the top and ruled the crypto world by its market share, while Ethereum blockchain native cryptocurrency is on the second number. When Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, announced that now his company will start to receive payments in the mode of cryptocurrency like bitcoin. This news put bitcoin on the top, and currently, one bitcoin costs around 10,000 dollars. But do not get worried if you are unable to purchase a whole bitcoin. You can also buy a Satoshi, which you can get by dividing an entire bitcoin up to 10 decimal places. 

People kept the satoshi name in honor of bitcoin cryptocurrency founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Now people are interested in knowing about these cryptocurrencies as many wealth stories are roaming on social media about people who got rich from these cryptocurrencies. If you are also interested in buying the top cryptocurrencies, this article will help you make the right decision and guide you about the top three cryptocurrencies for investment. If you want to invest in bitcoin, then the FBC14 Algorithm is the best.



It is the top cryptocurrency, and it has a total supply in the market of around 1.8 billion, while the maximum supply of bitcoin is about 2.1 billion. The symbol of this cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. You can earn bitcoin by mining in which by solving a complex computational puzzle, you will get a part of bitcoin as a reward. In the beginning, in 2009, the tip of mining a bitcoin was 50 bitcoin. Every four years, this reward gets halved by its last reward. However, there are specialized computers to solve this puzzle that consume a high amount of electricity. But the tips you get are worth it, and you can quickly pay your electricity bill with it.



It is also a blockchain running a native cryptocurrency owned by Vitalik Buterin, a 22 years programmer named Ether. The symbol of this cryptocurrency is ETH. There are thousands of applications that are running under the Ethereum blockchain. These applications are decentralized (DApps). Visit this link ethereum.org for complete guidance on the ethereum blockchain and its functioning. Currently, the one ethereum costs around 3253 dollars. But you can also buy as low as 18 decimal places of 1 full Ether. Furthermore, the total transactions completed under this network are around 1.22 million, and the total nodes working under this network are about 3,266. 


Binance Coin

Binance exchange, the top crypto exchange platform among many, supports more than 1.4 million transactions per second, issued this cryptocurrency. The symbol of this cryptocurrency is BNB. Initially, BNB was running under the ethereum blockchain network, but later on, it runs by its native platform, Binance. When it was running on the ethereum blockchain, it used ERC20 standard token. Currently, the price of a whole Binance coin BNB is around 396 dollars. But it predicts going up to 1800 dollars in 2025 while it can go up to 2500 dollars. It is a good investment for both short-term and long-term investments. Although coinbase, another big platform after Binance, does not support Binance coin (BNB) as it runs on a separate blockchain. 

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