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Tutorial: Super easy ways to scrub off the skin woes

by Sonal Shukla

Are you yet to include exfoliation into your skincare routine? If you haven’t, you are likely losing out on a slew of skin advantages. A face scrub is one of the intrinsic parts of a healthy skincare regime. A face scrub may give you radiant skin in addition to eliminating deep-set impurities.

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Before getting into the details of how to choose and use a face scrub, let us get to know what exactly is a face scrub.

The best face scrub for glowing skin is a skincare product that exfoliates the skin. It aids in the elimination of dead skin cells from your skin’s surface, lowering the likelihood of blocked pores and acne outbreaks. Scrubbing and exfoliation have been used since ancient times. Women have employed different techniques and products for regular at-home dermabrasion to make their skin healthy and youthful.

We still have many kitchen recipes for making a good face scrub at home in India. For example, dried corn cobs were used to exfoliate the skin in the past. Crushed seashells were a popular choice as well. Skincare brands are now offering face scrubs to make the process easy by creating scrubs using oatmeal, yogurt, black clay, coffee grounds, sugar, and other ingredients.

Benefits of using a face scrub

Say bye-bye to dead skin cells

The most obvious advantage of utilising a facial scrub is that it removes dead skin cells from your face. Your face appears dry and drab due to dead skin cells. These block your skin pores as well. Facial scrubs thoroughly exfoliate your skin and eliminate dead skin cells.

It helps in preventing flaky skin

At some point in time, you may notice some patches of dry skin on your face. Flakes are the name for these dry skin areas. These are not only harmful, but they also make the skin appear drab. Flaky skin can be removed by exfoliating the face using a facial scrub. It will make your skin smoother and brighter.

Get rid of those irritating acne scars

Acne scars and dark spots on the skin can also be reduced using a facial scrub. While they are not eliminated instantly, they do grow lighter. Scrubbing aids in the natural resurfacing of the skin. Scrubbing your face eliminates dead and damaged skin cells, allowing your skin to regenerate. Dark areas and scars become lighter in colour as a result. Natural skin lightening components in facial scrubs are believed to have higher effects.

Improves skin texture

Compared to the skin in other body regions, facial skin is more delicate and thinner, hence, more prone to damage. Rough and dull skin can be caused by poor skincare routine, pollution, and other factors. By promoting the skin regeneration process, facial scrubs enhance the skin texture.

It helps in preventing ingrown hair

Ingrown hair contributes to pimple formation. Scrubbing your face is one of the most effective techniques to prevent ingrown hair from damaging your appearance. Choose an antibacterial face scrub to make your face wash safer and more helpful.

Choose the best face scrub for glowing skin

1. Oily skin

People with oily skin are more likely to get pimples because their skin pores are clogged with excess sebum formation. As a result, you will want to use a face scrub that removes dead skin cells and has anti-pimple characteristics. A black-clay based face scrub is best for oily skin types due to its acne-fighting properties.

2. Dry skin

Dry skin might benefit from a cream-based face scrub. A cream-based face scrub, such as Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Brightening Oatmeal & Yogurt Scrub, effectively eliminates dead skin cells and flaky skin without making the skin irritable or extremely dry. Look for a face scrub that is cream-based and also has some hydrating properties.

3. Combination skin

You may find some difficulty in choosing a face scrub for combination skin since it is a mix of dry and oily skin. However, specialists advise that those with combination skin use a facial scrub to remove excess oil without drying out the skin. If you have combination skin, you can go for a scrub with walnut and turmeric. Walnuts help in removing excessive oil and dead skin cells. Turmeric prevents excessive sebum production, giving your skin a matt finish.

4. Sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin should choose their skincare products with caution. Look for an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory face scrub if you have sensitive skin. Yoghurt is a natural substance with anti-inflammatory properties. Oatmeal is said to be beneficial to sensitive skin. Oatmeal is a natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells effectively.

5. Acne-prone skin

If you have acne-prone skin, you may carefully choose your face scrub. When using a new product, always take a patch test prior to using it on your face skin. It is best to select a product with natural ingredients that will have fewer or no side effects on your skin.

Face scrubs can make your skin smooth and radiant, in addition to the benefits listed above. Your self-esteem will naturally increase as your face becomes smoother, softer, and more radiant

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