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Top 10  Places to Visit in Rajasthan

by Sneha Shukla

Top 10  Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the royal capital of the nation. It is a state with distinct landforms, a unique environment and natural beauty. The deserts have hills, hill stations and dunes, reserves forest, lakes and more. It is the home of colours, cultural fashion, shopping, and rich heritage. Rajasthan tour  spots that add the freshest style to your trip.


  1. Amber Fort, Jaipur


This fort is considered to be one of the largest structures in the state. It is located in the Jaipur district. The fort’s hill is famous for its architectural beauty and antique decorations such as elephant rides. Four courtyards are situated inside the fort, and each is surrounded by a variety of beautiful sights such as Sila Devi temple, hall of public audience and hall of private audiences, Mughal gardens, Jai Mandir, Mirror Palace, Jas Mandir, Hall of Pleasure, as well as the magic flower, among many more. The gates of the fort are beautifully decorated.


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  1. Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan


Chittor Fort of Chittorgarh Fort was the capital of the old kingdom of the Mewar kingdom. The fort has numerous towers, palaces, temples, gates, along with other constructions. The defence had up to 84 lakes in its past. There are now just 22 bodies. In the past, the fort was administered by various rulers and was the location where queen Padmini plunged into flames to defend herself from enemies.


  1. Sam Sand Dunes, Rajasthan


This is the famous tourist state’s attraction and the main location for people looking for activities that will make you feel adventurous. The sandy ocean is famous for its camel safaris, desert camping, paragliding, 4WD, quad bike riding, and other pursuits. Campers prefer luxury campsites for traditional meals and cultural shows and romantic dinners under the moonlight.


  1. City Palace, Jaipur


This palace was the residence of the Royal family. The castle has several courtyards with gardens, buildings with traditional architecture, and more. The most impressive structures you can visit in the palace are Chandra Mahal and the art gallery, museum and more. Tourists are permitted to go to City Palace in the evening to enjoy stunning and informative music and light shows.


  1. Golden Fort, Jaisalmer


Golden Fort of Jaisalmer Fort is the name given to it by the yellow sandstone utilized in the construction. These stones help the fort’s camouflage desert sand during the daylight. Therefore, enemies who come in cannot find the fort’s location deep in the desert. However, the fort is located on a tiny incline which gives a stunning view of the surrounding areas. The defence has various structures such as Jain temples and Havelis palaces, museums and other facilities.


  1. Shilpgram, Rajasthan


If you’re a fan of the arts and culture, if you are a lover of culture and art, this is the perfect location. It is home to traditional houses and living museums, art galleries, and a variety of shops and more. This is the perfect place for an unwinding shopping vacation. There are numerous antiques, traditional tourist locations, and other heritage-related activities in this area.


  1. Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur


The palace in Jodhpur was built in the 20th century. It is the largest private residence that has 347 rooms which have been transformed into a heritage hotel. If you’re looking to spend your time in this palace, you’re ready for a lavish holiday. If not, go to the castle to discover the beauty of architecture, old-fashioned car collection, clock collection in the museum, the garden, and other things.


  1. Jag Mandir, Rajasthan


This is the structure that inspired the Taj Mahal. It is located on the island of Lake Pichola, and this palace was built by Prince Khurram, who was rebelling from his father. The island palace is renowned for its impressive architectural beauty and marble-lined rooms with a beautiful traditional garden and more.


  1. Mandore Gardens, Jodhpur


This isn’t just an ordinary garden or botanical park. The park was established in the 6th century and contained an impressive temple dedicated to the 33 crores of Hindu gods, a hall of heroes, a lush garden, statues and a government museum, and so much more. If you’re visiting the park, make sure to plan an excursion. Go to the fort of Mandore located near the gardens if you would like to explore the remains of the fort. It is possible to shop in the markets that line the park.


  1. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur


The Wind Palace is famous for its honeycomb-like structure. The palace houses more than 100 windows that were designed to offer sufficient windows for the ladies of the royal family to enjoy the bustle of the streets and the celebrations in the city without leaving the palace. The palace is built on five floors. It is believed that the wind runs in a very powerful current if all windows are open. From the palace’s top, there are views of the city in the distance.

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