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The Top 8 activities to experience in Andaman:

by Sneha Shukla

The Top 8 activities to experience in Andaman:

Surrounded by a clear blue ocean with wild and unspoiled nature all around eager to be explored, one could only imagine the variety of activities they can engage in. With so many possibilities that you can choose from, there will never be one question: what you can do while in Andaman? on your list of thoughts. It isn’t wrong to affirm you know that Andaman is an adventurer’s paradise. You’re about to discover the reason. If you do decide to visit this stunning island, you need to be worried, because there are many Andaman tour available to tourists looking to take advantage of the deals that are available and ensure that their visit is smooth and unforgettable.


These are the top 8 activities you can take part in Andaman;


  1. Seaplane Riding:


Fly like an eagle and feel light in this tiny aircraft that will surely be one of the most memorable airplane rides. Explore the stunning beauty that is Andaman island like you’ve never experienced before. Get a bird’s-eye perspective of iconic landmarks like the cell prison, Ross Island, Mount Harriet, and more. The plane is so tiny that it could be quickly landed at any place of your choosing. It can hold about 8-10 passengers at once.


  1. Sea Walking:


It is among the most exciting and unusual diving activities in Andaman. The island is a complete package of satisfaction. From relaxing and peaceful to experiencing the thrill of a lifetime, you’ll be able to experience everything. It is not just in a position to take a walk along the shores, but you can take a walk along the seabed. In addition to your walkthrough Park, you could opt to walk with turtles, school fishes, and stunning corals, and a myriad of other marine animals. Aren’t these interesting? This is why it is considered one of the top activities you could do when in Andaman.


  1. Glass Bottom Boating:


Boat trips in the ocean are captivating. Swirling through the waves of water and gliding your fingers across their rushing waves is a sensation of a sense of liberation in itself. If you could also feel the joy beneath you, what would you think?

In Andaman, you can find boats with glass floors, which means you can watch the action beneath you. This is an experience you must experience every once in their lifetime. It is possible to ride over a dolphin before you can imagine! It would be an unforgettable and memorable experience.


  1. Cellular Jail’s Light and Sound Show:


One of the most popular destinations to visit in Andaman, The Cellular Jail or the Kala Pani, is a well-known historic landmark in the islands. The government designates it as The National Memorial, and it tells the stories of the struggle and sacrifices our forefathers had to endure to gain the country’s freedom and independence. In one of the most well-known prisons, you’ll be able to feel the impact of the magnum by going to the spectacular light and sound show which takes place after sunset. Make sure you attend!


  1. Snorkeling:


A synonym for watersports, snorkeling is among the most relaxing and stress-free experiences you could ever take part in. The snorkeling hotspots of Andaman are famous for their stunning and lively coral reefs, wildlife, and aquatic plants. Professionals certified by PADI will be with you. Therefore, there’s no reason to be concerned. You will receive the right instruction, and training will be provided before you begin your snorkeling activities. To participate in this sport, it is not necessary to become an expert in swimming either. With a breathing device and a pair of flappers, you’re good to go. If you have time, make it an effort to play this game.


  1. Scuba diving:


One sport that is required on all watersports is diving scuba. The adrenaline rush it gives the person who is diving is unimaginable. Scuba diving into the depths of the ocean isn’t something you can do with ease. There is no need to describe this sport. This is the perfect postcard sport, or you could consider it the face of water sports. You will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful animals around the globe to discover the depths of our earth’s beauty. You don’t have to be concerned about your safety. You will always be with guides who will help you with everything during the entire duration of the trip.


  1. Trekking:


Enjoy the tranquility of nature while trekking through the wilderness in the Andaman islands. The island is also abundant in blues and greens. Surrounded by breathtaking ocean floors and stunning panoramic views, it’s easy to find trails for trekking through the forest trails or on the beaches. Many tourists and sports enthusiasts choose to go on at least an excursion to trek in Andaman. Walking through thick forests and camping in wild but tranquil areas is not to be missed. The most well-known trails include Havelock up to Elephant Beach, Mount Harriet to Madhuban, Chidiya Tapu to Kala Pahad Saddle Peak, and Diglipur Island to Raman Caves.


  1. Swimming with Elephants:


When you read this article, You will surely be able to imagine something within your head. It is our promise to you that your imagination is what you’re likely to experience. It is a true one-of-a-kind experience. It is like in the water with a huge elephant instead of the typical turtles and fishes you’ll observe regularly. Elephant Beach Elephant Beach of Havelock Island is among the most frequented beaches of the Andaman Islands. It is among the most popular attractions in Andaman. The pure, clean waters and the golden sand are enough to draw visitors to the shores. Be sure not to miss out on this amazing chance. But, make sure you are scheduling your slot early enough because this activity for leisure is highly sought-after.

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