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Understanding more about GIFs

by Sneha Shukla

Understanding more about GIFs


Gifs are now commonly used and the truth of the matter is that they are here to stay. People are now concerned with the picture and not what is written. Gifs have now become a very important part of web humor. Other tools that are being used to entertain people include funny videos, viral videos, and memes among other tools. We are now living in the world of technological advances and great innovations. When you think that you have seen it all, something new pops up that excites people and takes the internet by storm. 

GIF was recognized in the year 2012 by the oxford dictionary. Although it was considered to be unprofessional, today it is fully accepted and used worldwide. GIFs are now used all over social media. They are even considered to be a social media essential tool. GIFs are always eye-catching and they are also sharable. If you search for the word GIF in your search engine, be sure to yield as many results as possible. 

What are GIFs

GIF stands for graphical interchangeable format. It is simply a format that was invented back in the year 1987 by a software writer known as Steve Wilhite. Steve came up with GIFs because he was looking for suitable ways for him to animate images. In simple terms, Gifs are simply a series of soundless videos or a series of images. They will always loop and you are not required to press play for them to play. The repetition that GIF offer and how the images are structured is what makes them funny by Lustige Bilder

Who uses GIFs?

When you look around, you will discover that GIFs are all over. In the past, GIFs were only used in sites such as Buzzleed, Tumblr, and Reddit but now, almost every social media has GIFs. Common sites that now use GIFs include Facebook and even Twitter. Facebook has gone to the extent of introducing GIFs to their messenger search engine. 

Why use GIFs online

There are many reasons why people are now using GIFs on social media. If you are a brand that shares and offers authentic content, you can create a connection with your audience wiith the help of GIFs. GIFs are great for attention because many people can relate to them and they are also very attractive. If you wish people to visit your site, using GIFs is the best way to grab the attention of many of your audience.

When to use GIFs

There are different circumstances where GIFs can be used. First, GIFs can be used to show off products, gamify your posts, provide visual instructions, help you go viral, help in animating your data or content, providing a sneak peek, and share content that makes people smile. If you wish to rely on your audience in style, you can as well choose to use GIFs from Lustige Bilder

Making of GIFs

The good thing about GIFs is that anyone can make them. You do not have to be a tech expert for you to come up with a GIF. This is because many online tools can now be used to make GIFs. All you have to do is upload your images and even videos to a suitable tool. 

Where can one find GIFs?

In the past, GIFs were limited to few sites but now, GIFs can be found on almost every site. There is no shortage when it comes to places that you can find GIFs. One of the places to find GIFs is Giphy but you can also find them in places such as GIFbin, Tumblr Gifs, and even other social media sites. 

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