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Understanding the Factors Affecting the Prices on Solar Panels

by Sneha Shukla

In the last few decades, solar energy has become increasingly more accessible, and homeowners all over the world are gravitating toward the benefits of harnessing the inexhaustible power of the sun. 

However, most importantly, the prices on solar panels have also fallen immensely, allowing users to accrue significant savings on energy expenses. With all the conversations in recent times about green energy, the rising popularity of solar energy has, naturally, also led to an increase in interest in solar panels.


In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the various factors that affect the prices on solar panels so you can make an informed choice when it comes to solar installation in your home or place of work.

  • The Type and Angle of Your Roof

When solar panels are being installed, it’s vital that they are positioned in a way that maximizes sun exposure. If you have a flat roof, your installer may need to construct scaffolding, which will affect the prices on solar panels by increasing them a little. 

The type of roof you have is also an important factor when it comes to calculating prices on solar panels, as different roof materials and types will require different and specific techniques to set up the panels on your roof. It’s important to get a clear sense of the prices on solar panels while accounting for installation costs from a reliable installer.

  • Tax Rebates and Incentives from the Government

Government schemes and tax rebates are also important factors affecting the prices on solar panels. Many governments all over the world provide incentives for solar energy installations, which can significantly lower the prices on solar panels you will pay at the time of purchase or installation.

However, it’s important to do your research, as in some situations, these incentives may not apply. It’s always worth taking the time to get a full sense of how much you can count on the government to help you out financially in acquiring a solar energy system for your home.

  • Weather Patterns in Your Area of Residence

Prices on solar panels are also impacted by the environment they will be functioning in. Solar energy systems that have exposure to bright and sunny areas for long and consistent periods of time will generally be able to produce more energy with fewer panels, while more cloudy areas will need more solar panels to generate the same amount of energy. This will, naturally, influence the prices on solar panels.

While the best solar panel systems today, such as those by Luminous, are already designed with shade and weather factors in mind, where you live and how much sunlight you get will affect the system’s size and equipment requirements, which, in turn, will influence prices on solar panels.

  • The Reliability of Your Solar Panel Installer

An improperly installed solar system in your home can result in losses or additional costs in the future for you. Therefore, it’s well worth taking the time to look for an installer that can strike a good balance between expertise and reasonable pricing. The warranty provided by your installer will also influence prices on solar panels, and this isn’t a factor you want to skimp on in the long run.

The Upshot

If you find yourself intimidated by the prices on solar panels, especially at first glance, it’s worth taking the time to consider the savings you will be making on your long-term energy bills. If you’re contemplating installing solar panels, do take the time to do your research thoroughly on prices on solar panels to ensure that your solar energy system installation is cost-effective and falls within your budget.

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