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What Is The National Sport Of India

by Sneha Shukla

Over the years, the Indian government has listed various elements as national symbols. For instance, the tiger is regarded as the country’s national animal, the peacock is its national bird, and the lotus is its national flower. However, field hockey was initially believed to be the country’s national sport. India’s dominance in hockey was acknowledged as the sport became a national one from 1928 to 1956. During this period, the country won 8 gold medals, 1 silver, and 3 bronze medals in the Olympics.


Officially, it is believed that cricket, hockey, and Kabaddi are the country’s national sports. These are the sports that the Indian team has dominated at the international level. While hockey was considered the country’s national sport in the early years, it was eventually replaced by Kabaddi after the Indian team won seven gold medals at an Asian Games and all of the World Cup events. Read also about the best betting sites in India, instant withdrawal betting sites in India, payment methods, and much more on SmartBettingSites.com

Importance of a National Game

Getting active is very important for people, as it helps them improve their health and develop stronger muscles. It does not require being a professional athlete to benefit from playing a sport. Besides being physically active, playing a sport can also improve one’s mental health. One of the most significant factors that people can consider when it comes to national games is the positive effects of the sport on their productivity and health.

Hockey in India

During the pre-independence period, hockey was regarded as the national sport of India. During that time, the country won 8 gold medals at the Olympics. The period between 1928 and 1956 was regarded as the golden era of the sport. During that time, India participated in 24 Olympic matches and won all of them. In 1928, India won all five of its Olympic games without surrendering a goal. It won from 1932 to 1956, and from 1964 to 1980. Many of the Indian hockey heroes who played in the golden era of the sport were such as Balbir Singh, Gagan Ajit Singh, and Mohammed Shahid. They were able to help the country win the World Cup. In 1970, however, the team started to crumble. Despite this, the sport still remains popular in the country.

In 1925, the Indian hockey team traveled to New Zealand for their first international match. They won 18 out of 21 matches and drew 2. The trip marked the debut of the legendary player, Dhryanchand. The performance of the Indian hockey team at the Olympic Games became a source of pride for the country. In 1928, the team won the gold medal. From 1928 to 1956, they won six consecutive gold medals. They were able to score 178 goals and only allow 7 goals in 24 matches.

The members of the Indian team that participated in the Olympic Games were Richard Allen, Michael Gately, William Goodsir Cullen, Feroze Kahn, George Martin, Frederick Seaman, Shaukat Ali, Kher Singh, and Broome Pinninger. This was regarded as the peak of Indian hockey. The team’s impressive streak ended in 1960 at the Rome Olympics when they lost to Pakistan in the finals. After winning the gold medal in the 1964 Olympics and the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the Indian hockey team started to perform poorly in the following Olympics. They were able to win only a couple of bronze medals. In 1975, the men’s hockey team was able to win the Hockey World Cup. In 2002, the women’s hockey team was able to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Hockey has long been regarded as the national sport of India, as it performed well at the Olympic Games. However, in 2012, the Ministry of Youth Affairs announced that there is no official national game for the country. This was in response to a query made by a young girl from the city of Lucknow, who was seeking information about the year that the government officially recognized the sport as the country’s national game. The Youth Affairs Ministry of the Union of India has reverted back to its original position and stated that they were not able to find a mandate to declare hockey as the national game. This is a shocking development since the sport has been regarded as the country’s national game.

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