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Why should you Migrate to SharePoint Online?

by Sonal Shukla

Microsoft SharePoint, since its release, has been an important innovation in business collaboration and communication. That is the reason why Office 365 and SharePoint have transformed the way business’s function.

SharePoint has modified so much from just an application to a strong more advanced workplace program for document collaboration and data management additionally providing web content and portals supporting businesses to increase productivity. Microsoft has made several beneficial components for SharePoint Online and they keep on adding more.

The migration process is quite difficult whether you want to Migrate Dropbox to SharePoint or if you want to Migrate SharePoint 2013 to 2019. Yet many companies are moving to SharePoint because of the benefits it provides. They are facilitating greater productivity and efficient communication by adopting cloud solutions.

Reasons to Migrate to SharePoint Online:

Robust Security

Initially, Security is the most important factor companies consider the most while adopting cloud technologies. Particularly when it comes to transferring confidential, sensitive, and classified data. Microsoft Cloud solutions keep their data centers confidential additionally it provides multiple layers of physical protection, and you can be sure that your data would not be used for marketing/advertising purposes. They also maintain several levels of backup, and this is the best data protection available.

External User Access Management

It is quite challenging to manage user access outside your on-prem domain. It has also been a big deal of uncertainty over the long log-in process on the cloud but lately, Microsoft has made plenty of developments in SharePoint Online which has resulted in managing external user access very simple. By migrating to SharePoint, companies can utilize Services Management Portal which is extremely leveraging external file/data sharing and because of this, it has become simpler for companies to collaborate with their customers where the customers can raise tickets and constantly monitor the progress of their projects.

Always staying Updated

By using Microsoft SharePoint Online, Businesses experience the privilege of having the most reliable and the newest SharePoint components of the platform immediately on their release. The advantage of the online version of SharePoint is it constantly stands the first to obtain all the new abilities and security updates before the On-Premises tool application. Updating on-premises application requires resources, time, and sometimes interrupting operations but it is a completely different process on the cloud, Microsoft maintains those major and minor updates for you without the necessity for your minimal efforts.

High Mobility

With the latest work culture, we are constantly on the go. We enjoy operating in mobility and take charge of productivity virtually. SharePoint Online and Office 365 enable you to access all the files, folders, and documents on your mobile with the web in case if you forget to take your work PC with you. You can get access to those necessary emails, presentations, and analytics anytime, anyplace, and on any device. You can also use a Virtual Cloud Desktop to enhance the productivity of your workflow.


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