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5 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rates

by Sneha Shukla

5 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rates

Typically, eCommerce stores only see an average conversion rate hovering at the 2 or 3% mark. But, of course, your goal as the one at the helm is to work way above average! After all, conversion rates serve as the solid foundation for higher sales volumes. However, if you want to stand out amidst your competition, you need a stellar marketing strategy. Today, videos serve as the most compelling content format for your target audience. Luckily, you can utilize an online video editor like Promo.com to make waves on social media, websites, and everywhere else. 

If you are in search of the most effective ways to increase your leads and boost your eCommerce site’s conversion rates, then look no further. The following tips will help you break standard boundaries so you can rocket your way into securing new clients, retaining old ones, and generating more revenues. So let’s get started to beef up your marketing strategies. 


Utilize Compelling Design and Persuasive Copy

If you want your eCommerce site to dominate your niche, you must focus on the design of your website. Should your site not be designed well, it will turn off visitors and drop website traffic. How can clients move forward with their transactions if your page does not look enticing at all? For this reason, your site needs to:

  • Look visually appealing and beautiful
  • Contain persuasive visuals
  • Use straightforward words that prevent confusion
  • Utilize persuasive calls to action
  • Include stunning videos that convert
  • Incorporate branding touches for landing and inside pages
  • Employ an adaptive site design for mobile and PC mode. 

If you utilize these techniques, you will attract and retain more visitors to your website. As a result, this increases the likelihood of them purchasing from your online store. For example, using your online video editor to put a stunning video on your landing page by 80%. Why? Because people of the modern world just love watching engaging videos. So, after seeing what you’ve got to offer, they feel more convinced and compelled to try the goods or services. It’s that simple!

Make Navigation Very Easy and Simple to Do 

Even in the real world, customers patronize stores that provide a pleasant experience with neat shelving, spacious aisles, attentive sales associates, and efficient cashiers. If you want to improve your eCommerce site’s sales, you need to somehow incorporate these traditional tactics virtually. For best results, make sure that your website employs the following:

  • Make sure the site contains an organized structure.
  • Utilize a navigation bar with clear tabs for easy surfing.
  • Include a search button so customers can find what they need. 
  • Use clear instructions for everything to avoid misunderstandings. 
  • Prioritize easy scrolling for website and mobile landing pages.
  • Prioritize quick loading and response times.
  • Use an online video editor to create a lead capture form for the video on the landing page.

After all, if your website feels confusing, your potential customers will leave. They will feel as if you’re just wasting their time. As a result, they may take their business to your competitors. Thus, you must prioritize website functionality to ensure you provide a fun and easy experience for all your online clients. 


Make Sure to Personalize Everything

If you truly want to increase your conversion rates, make sure your online store can provide a personalized experience for your customers. After all, clients love it when they feel as if you know them on a more personal level. It shows you have a deep relationship and fosters trust. Remember, clients will only purchase from the brands they trust. In contrast, they feel frustrated when they see content that’s not personalized to their needs. 

Therefore, you need to find ways to provide a personalized experience for your visitors. You can do so by providing dynamic content or offering pathways they can take:

  • Address them by registered subscribers by their first name.
  • Creates special pop-up video offers using your online video editor.
  • Suggest products that they may find useful based on their most recent searches. 
  • Curate a suggested list of helpful blog articles based on their buying history. 

Pave the Way For Easy Shopping Via Social Media

If you want your online store to succeed, you must have a social media presence. For example, you can use your online video editor to create compelling explainers, how-tos, ads, and slideshows. Though creating an organic presence or using ads in your various social media profiles are very helpful, these approaches work better if you can sell the products directly to your followers.

To illustrate, you can post pictures of your goods on Instagram with direct links to the products themselves. This makes it very easy and convenient for your followers to buy what they see. As a result, you improve the customer journey and make that sale because everything is as seamless as possible. With the right visual presentation, you can make your social media profiles enticing and “shoppable!” Instead of randomly scrolling through their feed, they can shop immediately. At the same time, you prevent them from seeing what the competitors have to offer. 

Make Sure The Site is Very Informative 

If you want your clients to feel confident in doing business with you, your site must be informative. After all, people feel compelled to make sound decisions grounded on facts. With information at their fingertips, it is easy to search for the answers they are looking for on search engines.


But, if your website has everything they need to understand your products, they do not need Google. Thus, you must ensure that your site has the right information. Start by providing clear and accurate product descriptions. After all, your clients cannot see what you offer. On top of that, use your online video editor to create a 360-degree video. This way, your clients can see what you’re selling from all angles.


Parting Words On Improving Conversion Rate With an Online Video Editor

Additionally, you can create demos, tutorials, interactive FAQs, and video testimonials to prove your credibility. Finally, communicate your ideas with your customers well so you can satisfy them. When you do so, you will move in the right direction because your customers are happy. And happy customers keep coming back for more!


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