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 Are Samsung Foldable Phones Worth the Investment?

by Sonal Shukla

Foldable phones are a relatively new segment of the smartphone industry, and many people out there wonder if they might give you a bang for your buck. The question doesn’t have a cookie-cutter answer, though; it is not easy to say if spending more than 1 000 $ on a smartphone trying to be a tablet is a wise decision.

Samsung is the brand that got the most creative in the folding area, and they recently came up with two devices called the Samsung Fold and the Samsung Flip. These devices have a lot to offer and are specially designed for multitasking and gaming. Now, it’s entirely debatable whether they can compete with the Samsung Galaxy s22 or even the latest iPhones.

The Samsung Z Fold has it all: Casino games, multitasking, and movie watching.

The best feature of the foldable Samsung phones is to change how we look at our screens. Suppose you are an avid gamer or somebody who has to do many things simultaneously; you cannot peruse an ultimate guide to new online casino ZA and check your WhatsApp conversation with a relative. Foldable Samsung phones allow you to do that.

The best asset of foldable phones is to act like a tablet with the technology of a smartphone. Browsing the internet while texting is often seen as a chore with a standard phone, and it goes flawlessly with their Samsung Z Fold 4, which dimension feels like a tablet.

A bigger screen allows for the best gaming experience, and foldable phones are worth it if you play games. Think about poker games where you play on different tables at once, or even FPS, such as Call Of Duty and Apex Legends. These games demand a responsive phone, and foldable phones deliver in terms of framerate and latency response.

The experience is even better if you enjoy watching movies on your phone. You already know that watching Netflix on a 5-inch screen can be a forgettable experience. Samsung foldable phones are a game changer in that area because you can truly experience the movie without pushing your eyes to the limit. 

In short, Samsung foldable phones are excellent when trying to do several things simultaneously without losing focus or ability. The Galaxy Z Fold comes with an S pen that allows you to write and have more precise commands.

Samsung Fold, a phone that comes with a hefty price tag

For the Samsung brand, it has been a path of trial and error while conceiving these phones are launching on the market circa 2018. First, the way they folded was a bit fragile, and one could wonder if folding this device too brutally could have damaged it. Now, the new generation -we are already on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 as we speak – appears sturdier and less breakable than ever.

Granted, this technology will make you a seemingly more relaxed person. You should turn heads when handling your Samsung Fold in a public environment because its flawless design screams futuristic with a superb and broader screen. Though we hardly buy phones to impress other individuals past the age of twenty-five, please note that you might be making new friends or starting a conversation with any tech head in your entourage.

Now, the price tag that comes with it can be an obstacle for many. Counts at least 1 799 $ for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, for a capacity àf 512 Go. This price tag makes the device one of the most sophisticated machines that Samsung has ever produced, mainly reserved for some elite clientele. 

It would be pointless to buy a Samsung Z Fold 4 to impress your friends, and you need to know if it is what you’re looking for. Do you enjoy writing with a style? This phone has that coming for you. Do you need to have multiple screens at the time? Consider this type of phone a wise investment.

Performances of the Samsung Z Fold 4 compared to the Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22 is the brand’s flagship and delivers the best camera among smartphones worldwide. The Samsung Z Fold 4 comes close to this, but the brightness and the definition are dimmer.

Regarding overall performance, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is still the winner because it embarks more RAM and has a better framerate for graphics. Please remember that the two devices are very close in performance, though.

Samsung Foldables: a hit, but an investment to reconsider

After a thorough review of the specs of the Samsung Z Fold 4, we understood that it is a great machine that stands out with its impeccable design, sturdiness, and overall outstanding performance. If you want to multitask and have no second to waste, you should go for this device that allows you to have at least four divided screens.

However, there is an apparent assumption that foldable phones might not be the revolution they ought to be and that a more comprehensive screen is purely and simply a good excuse to make a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet.

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