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Consider These 7 Factors before You Buy Weed Online

by Sneha Shukla

Weed or cannabis has become a lot more accessible than we think. More and more people now prefer sticking to online websites to get their source of weed. Not only is the process a lot more discrete and faster, but it also reduces the hassle for you to step out of your house and look around. This means that you won’t face any kinds of issues when you are buying them. However, with the rising popularity and accessibility of weed online, it isn’t surprising that more and more websites are opening up.

If you want to buy weed online, there are several important factors that you need to ascertain before you can blindly entrust a website with the purchase.

This article highlights and discusses all those important pointers and enables you to make a safe marijuana purchase from the online websites available on the internet.

  • Start with the laws


Just because you are in the United States and several websites are shipping to your state doesn’t mean you can legally own the same. There are a handful of states and cities in the United States that don’t legally allow the possession of weed at your home. So, getting it shipped to your place will not just be illegal, it can also impose a lot of risks to you. You can even end up getting jailed if someone tells on you for smoking weed in a state where marijuana isn’t legal. This isn’t just applicable to the United States; we are talking on a global scale. Before you take it to the internet to find websites that will sell weed, you need to ascertain that the same is legal where you stay.

  • Focus on the reliable ones


As we said before, hundreds and thousands of online websites sell weed. This means that the last thing you want is to end up buying from a website that is not reliable at all and will end up scamming you for your money. Ideally, we’d recommend that you start with some basic research online and only rely on websites that have a good reputation. The last thing you want is to splurge out all the money on a cannabis strain that won’t likely be delivered to you. So, researching reliable online websites is crucial. 

  • Know the WHY


When it comes to cannabis or weed, there are hundreds and thousands of strains that are known to man and sold on the various online websites that you come across on the internet. So, why do you want to buy weed? Do you want to buy the seeds so you can start your cannabis harvest or do you want to buy some recreational strain to smoke up when you feel stressed? The options are diverse. So, before you set out to do your research as to which website, you’d buy the weed from, you must find out why you want to buy it. Knowing the WHY also enables you to choose from the variety of cannabis strains that are available for purchase.

  • Know how much you wish to order


Since cannabis is quite a rare purchase and is very hard to grow, it isn’t surprising that there are sellers who sell them in very limited quantities. There is also a range of online sellers who sell the cannabis at specific amounts or you have to purchase for a specific amount to avail direct shipping to your home. More often than not, you will find that these websites have a set amount of $50 or $100 purchase as a minimum tab. So, before you settle down and consider buying cannabis from online websites, you need to ascertain how much you want to order. Ideally, we’d recommend buying how much you’d need. There’s no point stocking up on weed if you don’t know how to preserve them for prolonged usage.

  • Check online reviews


Not just for the kind of strains you want to purchase but also the store you are considering purchasing from, you should read the reviews and testimonials of the buyers. This will allow you to get an outlook about the website’s services and qualities. This is a very common factor that you should ascertain before you make the final purchase. If the website isn’t good enough, chances are that you will come to know about the same from the reviews of the customers. It is a very easy way to target which ones are reliable and which ones are a complete waste of time and money.

  • Check for social media presence


Since weed and cannabis are concepts of stigma, there won’t be many online websites that publicize their business via social media platforms. This is very common. However, if the company selling the weed is trademarked and registered, you should find them on the social media platforms, marketing their products and business. Having an engaging online presence also ensures the credibility of the platform and its customer service.

  • Cross-check multiple platforms


The last thing that you should check before you buy weed online is to cross-check across different platforms. However, all of these websites should be the reliable ones or your top 3 choices. The reason why we are suggesting cross-checking is that the price will vary. Even if it is by a dollar, the price will vary on the different websites. If you know all the comparing websites are reliable, we’d recommend that you pick the website that is offering the best deal. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.


If you are considering buying weed online, these are some of the most crucial factors that you need to keep in mind. These are necessities and ensure that the quality of weed that you are buying and eventually smoking is of the best quality and won’t inflict any kinds of negative implications on your health. It is always important that you conduct thorough research before you narrow down your choices.

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