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Experience letter format | Experience Certificate

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When a professional is about to join a new organization, an employee must submit certain documents to the Human Resources department. One such document is an experienced sheet. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about experience letter format along with 2 experience letter samples.

What is an Experience Certificate?

An experience certificate is an official document to certify employment with a company/organization and states that the person is employed or employed in the company and the employee’s name and his/her details like father’s name, residence address, employee ID, etc. Will do It further certifies the employment period, last designation, and also the salary package of the employee. Experience certificate means that whatever is mentioned is true or correct

An experience certificate or work experience letter is issued by the company in which a person has worked. Experience certificate certifies all the skills or knowledge acquired by the individual. It is one of the valuable documents for a person’s career growth and future opportunities.

Why Experience Certificate Important?

Employee Experience Certificate is very important to identify the previous year’s experience and expertise of an employee in his/her organization. It serves as proof to you that you were employed by an organization in a certain position for a certain period of time.

This is especially important for new employees who are considering changing their career direction, and it helps to update the details on your application. The certificate contains information such as company name, date of hire, job description, and duties and responsibilities of the job. An employee experience certificate has an electronic signature which is beneficial because it is difficult to create without a signature.

Who writes a work experience letter?

Work experience letters are usually written by HR personnel after gathering the necessary information from the employee’s supervisor or manager.

Experience letter samples


experience letter contain


experience letter contain

Distinguish Between Experience Certificate and Experience Letter

What is the difference between an experience certificate and an experience certificate, if we dig deeper, you should know that there is not much difference Because an experience certificate is in the form of a certificate and an experience certificate is given in the form of a letter.

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Tips to Keep in Mind While Writing Experience Certificate letter

Experience certificate certifies that the person has worked in the organization and performed all the duties and responsibilities assigned to him. Experience certificate may also include major or satisfactory contribution to the organization, also identified strengths. There is no mandatory format for the experience letter to be followed. Every organization can have its own different format. But a common material that should be covered in the experience letter is given below:

  • Use a company letterhead with the name of the organization at the top of the letter. The letterhead should also contain details of the organization like company address, telephone number, email id, website address, and company registration number.
  • Date: Make sure the document has a ready date.
  • Employee’s name along with his/her address: HR must ensure that the employee’s name is correct on the document. If there is any mistake in the name then the employees may face problems in document approval in their next company.
  • Closing Statement: This closing statement should be formal as well as polite. This can result in good fortune for the future of the employee. This sentence can really make a difference in employee selection opportunities at another company.
  • Details of Employment: Details of the post, tenure, and responsibilities performed by the employee. Many organizations miss out on these important details. But they need to understand that it is important to include all employment details in the experience letter for employee records.

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