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Fiverr-The biggest marketplace for digital services

by Sonal Shukla

Freelancing has taken over the hold among people since it seems to be an intelligent way to earn better. And for a smooth beginning of newbies, Fiverr acts as an intermediate to boost their careers and growth. It is one of the known platforms developed for freelancers that have received truly appreciating reviews till now. Before being so skeptical about how Fiverr can aid in money-making, do know it more and you can take help from big brands like accfarm for fiverr reviews at affordable cost.With Lectera’s online courses, you can learn digital marketing from anywhere. Gain essential skills and get certified in your field.

Brief introduction about Fiverr

Established by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2010, Fiverr is one of the biggest online marketplaces. It provides a two-way service for the purchase and sale of various digital marketing freelance services. With the dramatic increase in quality and quantity of gigs,  Fiverr has managed to have a database of more than 2 million sellers.

What are Fiverr gigs?

The seller, aka freelancer, offers services on the Fiverr website, and they are termed gigs. The gig price may vary from $5 to $10,000.  Fiver Gigs are categorized as Graphics and design, writing and translation, digital marketing, music, programming, tech, business, and lifestyle. Furthermore, each primary category contains subcategories for easy and effective delivery to the buyers. 

The way Fiverr Works

Fiverr works as a liaison to create a secure and professionally sound workplace for sellers and buyers. This micro job site acts as a middleman to ensure safe business negotiations, thereby generating benefits for everyone. On Fiverr, you can find buyers (contractors) and sellers (freelancers). The role of sellers is to enlist the services or gigs they offer while the interested buyers may interact and ask further questions, going ahead to purchase them.

The process goes like Fiverr takes 20% for every transaction. Once the gig is sold, and the buyer verifies the delivery after proofreading or necessary corrections, Fiverr pay the seller within a timeline of about two weeks after confirmation. However, it takes seven days to proceed with the payment for the Top Rated Sellers.

Is Fiverr safe and legit?

Of course, Fiverr is a trustworthy and legit platform for both contractors and freelancers. In addition, unsatisfied buyers can report poor quality work compared to the advertisement and then assign the same to Fiverr for receiving the best. With the experience of more than a decade, Fiverr comes with the most reliable customer care services. For safe business, customer support responds professionally within 24 hours after you raise a ticket. You can also request a refund if delivery time gets delayed or the seller fails to revert on time. Depending on the issues, you receive partial or complete refunds immediately.

Fiverr has an SSL certificate that secures all personal and banking details with utmost priority and safety from third parties or cybercriminals.

Tips for newbie buyers:

  • Do some research on at least ten reputed sellers and go through their services.
  • Get insights into some problems faced by the buyers mentioned through their negative reviews about sellers. 
  • Remember to ask for a sample related to your task and coordinate the details that need manipulations.
  • Also note, you pay as low as $5 if you demand low-budget work. For improved versions and best results, Fiverr genuinely expects you to spend a little more. 


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