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Top facts to know when travelling to Curacao

by Sonal Shukla

Top facts to know when traveling to Curacao

Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Curacao has lots of hidden gems. The beautiful island comprises lush green interiors, pastel buildings, and spectacular beaches. Curacao had a colonial history that could gain the attention of several travelers. However, you need to know several other things before reaching this paradise. Check the most interesting facts related to Curacao.

Special kitchen designs to keep away from bugs

A warm weather may be pleasing to you. However, it can increase the bug problem. Although Curacao is an attractive vacation spot, the bug problem is unavoidable. However, Curacaons are clever, and take the most thoughtful steps to solve the problem. They know that mosquitoes and other bugs keep away from white polka dots printed on the red wall surface. The dots prevent the infestation of bugs. That is why several traditional Curacaon kitchens have red walls with white dots.

Shopping becomes easy with credit cards

Credit cards are acceptable to almost shop. While buying products from the open market, you may use cash. Curacao natives mostly like cash transactions. The best fact is that you can use the US dollar while travelling around the island. However, gas stations in the island may not accept your credit cards. They accept debit cards and cash.

Languages in Curacao

Although Curacao is a small island, it welcomes more than 60 nationalities. You can notice difference in languages among natives. But, the most popular languages are Papiamento, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and English. A single Papiamento word may have multiple implications. For instance, the term, Dushi, indicates tasty, good, sweetheart, and beautiful.

Iguana- A dish for your dinner

As a traveler to Curacao, you must not miss the local meal- Iguana. You may try out Iguana soup. Almost any restaurant has included it in its menu. It tastes much like chicken.

Iguanas are arboreal animals capable of climbing trees. They have spines on their back, and they use those spines to keep away from predators. 

Divi-Divi trees with a unique natural shape

You can find Divi-divi trees in some places of Curacao. These trees bend in one direction and create an interesting sight. However, strong winds in the coastal region are responsible for the distinctive growth pattern. It seems that one tree is toppling over the other one. You can enjoy this sight in Curacao.

Curacao has some traces of its Colonial history

Kunuku houses had their origin during the Dutch colonial period. At that time, slaves lived in those houses. However, you can still find similar houses in the countryside of Curacao. Some of them are accessible to the tourists. 

Several sea turtle species

There are total 7 sea turtle species, and out of them 5 live in the surrounding water body of Curacao. However, it is not easy to encounter leatherback turtles living in deeper water. You will surely find other species in Playa Lagun Beach and Klein Curacao.

Famous gambling spot

Curacao island hosts many casinos. The country’s laws are really gambling friendly and tourists come here to play their favorite roulette or blackjack. Moreover, the local body called CGC (Curacao Gambling Commission) is in charge of approving online casino fairness and legitimacy. If you come across a gambling site holding a CGC license then you may rest assured this club is worth your trust. To find more CGC-certified online casinos you can visit Exycasinos, for example.

These are some amazing facts about Curacao. You can visit the island and learn more about its beauty.

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