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Level Up Your Kids IQ with Online Chess Classes

by Sneha Shukla

Level Up Your Kids IQ with Online Chess Classes


Chess is one of the oldest games that has been played since times immemorial. This mind and the logical game has been popular in ancient times. Kings and Queens used to find immense pleasure in brainstorming while playing chess. It used to be one of the great exercises for the brain to grow and think faster, and due to these benefits, it was highly recommended for children. A child’s developing mind needs different ways of enhancing its abilities and working in the best possible way. Studying is one of the ways to make a child sharp-minded, but chess is the perfect fit for it when it comes to having fun while increasing your mind’s caliber. 


There is no room for sticking to one thing, not learning new games and stuff in the era of finding everything available online. Will you be amazed to hear that there are not only classes for studying online but also online chess classes for kids. Yes, you heard it right; many schools like Podium School have made chess classes available for students. Now students can learn how to play chess just by sitting at home. There are several reasons why chess classes have become a necessity for every student. Our education system is turning towards practical knowledge rather than just providing theoretical information. Chess encourages a child’s mind in different ways and helps it grow even faster. 


Improves Concentration and Memory

Chess is a typical game when it comes to playing. There are several rules and moves that one needs to keep in mind before starting playing. That is why teachers in online chess classes for kids start by explaining and making kids memorize every rule of the game. Chess is a very peaceful game. There is nothing that goes beyond the mind of the child to work upon. It has been proven in many studies that chess builds up visual memory and increases a person’s attention span. The entire game is concentrated on capturing the other’s king, and it requires the child’s complete focus. 


Enhances Reading And Math Skills 

A kid’s brain is always working and thinking about soothing in its conservative state. Playing chess helps a kid to increase its calculative approach and read the moves of the opponent quickly. A time frame has been an essential aspect for kids in online chess classes for kids while learning. A restrictive period promotes faster thinking. 


Increases Kid’s Problem Solving Skills

It is always an amusing game to watch or while playing. The entire strategy and planning start to work; finding a way to save the king or any other soldier brings out every skill to think and solve the problem. It is interesting to note how this game make-believe as if you are responsible for saving the entire kingdom. Well, that is the beauty of playing chess. 


Builds Logic, Critical Thinking, And Creativity 

Chess always emphasizes the moves without letting it be evident for the opponent to predict. This game promotes critical thinking and helps children to make a logical move against the opponent. The beauty of this game is that one move never works twice if you are playing against an intelligent person. One needs to think of something new in every move so that it eases to counter and gives you space to attack at the right time. 


It Exercises Both Sides Of The Brain

Our brain is a very complex and structured organ. If you can recall the shape of it, it is an asymmetrical design parting in between. It is proven that the left side of the brain is always the more active side, whether you are sleeping or studying. But surprisingly, in one of the German studies, they observed that while playing chess, the brain’s right hemisphere is as active as the left one. Chess exercises both sides of the brain equally and efficiently. 


There is no end to the benefits chess provides for kids. It enables every string of the brain to work and focuses on winning the game with its last move. Schools encourage holistic development for kids. That is why they have introduced online chess classes for kids. Due to the pandemic, what every child misses the most is playing. Chess is the best escape from their boredom and to enhance their skill set to another level. 


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