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Lucas Sinclair

Lucas Sinclair from Stranger Things – Wiki, Bio and more facts

by Sonal Shukla

Lucas Sinclair is one of the main characters in Stranger Things, an American sci-fi television series. He’s portrayed by actor Noah Schnapp.

He was born without arms but with a prosthetic arm on his left shoulder, and he has a bionic eye right below his right eye. His interests include taking photographs and playing video games called “D-pad”. Alongside Joyce Byers and Jonathan Byers, Lucas helps defend Hawkins from the Demogorgon.

Before he went missing, Lucas’ father, Lonnie, left the family after a dispute with his wife, Karen. When Jim Hopper returns him to his mother, Karen and her friend Steve Harrington are very grateful. However, Karen’s panic attacks over losing Lucas Sinclair return.

The game is called Dungeons & Dragons
Jim Hopper first goes to Lucas’ home at 10:16 pm on November 6th , 1980 to tell him that he’s found Will Byers in Hawkins Labratory. He sees Lucas Sinclair and his older brother, Max, playing Dungeons & Dragons. Hopper tells him that he’s found Will, that he’s fine, and that he’ll be back in no time. Lucas Sinclairthen asks if Max can show him his new dog, Dart . However, Hopper tells him that Max is at the Snow Ball with Nancy Wheeler . He then says goodbye to Lucas Sinclair and leaves.

Joyce Byers gets a hold of Steve Harrington via phone after trying many times to call her son Will. Steve tells her that he’s a friend of Nancy, who is at the Snow Ball with Max. Joyce asks if he can tell Nancy to call, as she’s been trying to get a hold of her and Will for a long time. Steve agrees and goes over to Nancy’s house. He then sees she has left him a voice mail message and calls back. She answers and tells him where the Snow Ball is being held. Steve hangs up, but Nancy calls him back and asks if he would ask her brother, Jonathan , to get a hold of her and Will. Steve agrees and hangs up again. He then goes over to the Snow Ball, where he finds Max dancing with Nancy. He tells Max that Joyce called, but that he can’t talk because they’re busy. Max takes the phone and talks to his sister for a moment before handing it back over.

The game is called Dungeons & Dragons
Jonah Jr. tries to hide his actions from his friends in the Upside Down and his mother at the dinner table. A man who calls himself The Byers Kid asks if he’ll fight him, but he doesn’t reply. The Kid walks away. Later, Nancy walks up to him and says that she knows that he did something bad, but she doesn’t what it is because she and her friends are always trying to mess with him. She then says that she’ll be home later and walks away.

Nancy goes to take a shower and thinks about what The Byers Kid said. She also thinks about her ex, Steve Harrington , and how he would never let anyone mess with him, but she thinks that he only does that because he’s being who he has to be.
She then remembers that the next day will be Thanksgiving, so she decides to go see her family in California . She gets out of the shower and then hears her mother, Elisabeth , playing the piano in their living room. She opens the door to her room and sees her little brother, Will . He’s been watching TV, which shows that there is an outbreak happening at Hawkins Labratory. They then see something on his stomach moving; a small slug-like creature. Nancy looks unsatisfied with her family and then tells him not to go near it. Will asks what it is and Nancy tells him that it’s a slug. She then says that she has to get back to their house, so he should go to bed. Before he goes back into his room, Will asks her if she loves him, to which she replies because of the things they go through together every day.

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Then Nancy remembers what happened at Hawkins Labratory and how Will woke up screaming while they were on the way home. She then thinks about the time Will simply fell asleep in her arms while they were hiding at the Bus Depot.

Nancy then looks down and sees that The Byers Kid is staring at them from upstairs. She and Will go outside to see him, so she opens the gate and enters the junkyard. As she enters, she sees that Steve’s van is parked here. She then sees him standing next to it. He then asks if she’s leaving town for good, which she replies maybe. Steve tells her that he’s going to go with her and asks if she’ll let him. He then says that he’s leaving town with or without her, so she’ll have to make a choice. He then leaves the junkyard to go back home and leave Nancy with a choice.

Nancy arrives at Hopper’s cabin, where Jonathan is being held hostage by The Byers Kid. She uses a walkie-talkie to connect to him over the radio after he requests for someone named Steve to call for help. Hopper then shows up with a gun and says that whatever the two of them were fighting over, it’s now his kid. He then asks them both if they’re cool before leaving with Jonathan. The Kid then makes her promise that she’ll call Will when she gets home and not to turn the radio off until they get there.

Nancy goes to her home in Indiana , where her father, Bob, is playing electric guitar while singing to himself while sitting on their couch. He tells her that he got a job at the Dairy Queen the day after she left. Nancy then tells him to stop, and Bob replies that he doesn’t really want to.

Nancy then remembers what Will said while they were in the Upside Down. She says that he said that they were going home as soon as everything was safe and she says they are. Bob replies that she must have heard wrong because if everything is safe, then it won’t be safe for a long time.

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