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Richest village in India

Which is the Richest village in India

by Ravi Sharma

There are many poor villages present in India which have no resources. But there is also one village in India known as the richest village in India. Madhapar village is in Kutch district of Gujarat state.

Richest village in india – Madhapar

Madhapar village is in Kutch district of Gujarat state. Madhapar village has become a model for the other villages in India. However, there is no scarcity of water, electricity and internet facilities in the entire village.

Sarpanch of this village is Mr. Mafat Chudasama. Now this village can be easily compared with any developed country in the world. At present, this village has ten banks including two co-operative banks and one Gramin bank and twenty two ATMs.

In Madhapar village, there are two high schools, three primary schools and two secondary schools with computer labs. There is one higher secondary school.

The biggest problem faced by this village is the shortage of doctors. The medical college and hospital were closed due to the political pressure during the last ten years. But now if the politicians come to know this fact they will be very happy in their mind. Because now local people have been educated about new developments in medicine and that has created a good future for this village.

The number of mobile phone users increased from 40000 to 200000 from 2009 to 2012. There is only one petrol pump in this village.

According to the census report in 2011, there were 1441 people living in Madhapar village. As a result, each of them earns a minimum salary of Rs. 8000 per month (including salary and pension). The annual income of each person is Rs. 1,76,000.

But there is a myth that this village has no heir but this myth has been busted now because many people are trying to prove this rumor incorrect.

Example for other villages

Madhapar is an example of the development of Indian villages. There are many villages in India who still live in darkness, work hard and do not get enough time to spend with their loved ones.

How can we help?

We need more people from different institutions, companies and organizations to help other villagers of Madhapar village. Prove them wrong about their reality, spread the word about this modern village through all possible channels. Share your experience with us so that we can also make a difference for our own country and neighborhood.

richest village in india

Future of this village

Madhapar village has many potential. Therefore, in future Madhapar will become one of the richest villages in India. People are working hard to make this village a modern city.

With the increasing population of Madhapar village, the demand for infrastructure is also increasing. The infrastructure of water supply, electricity and Internet facilities should be improved in this village otherwise it will be a big challenge to live here.

The reason for shortage of doctors is lack of education and access to hospitals. The education levels of doctors in the village has increased gradually but still lack access to hospitals to provide doctors everyday.

Benefits as a richest village in India

The villagers of Madhapar village earn Rs. 1,76,000 annual income which is a big amount in minimum salary.

Internet facilities will boost the economic activities of this village. As more people will access internet facilities and take advantage of where they are now. Like having bank accounts and mobile phones to go online with it will also help in saving money from anywhere without any hassle. Therefore, it can be used for promotional activities too.

As Madhapar village has no shortage of water, electricity or rice which are essential for life this village can make a difference for other villages in India.

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