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Teeth Whitening strips – A simplified way to whiten your teeth

by Sneha Shukla

Teeth Whitening strips – A simplified way to whiten your teeth

Teeth are one of the most prominent and important features of our facial structure. A beautiful and healthy smile leads to happiness. Your teeth begin to turn yellow with bad eating habits and age, and it can make people feel self-conscious and can bring a major downfall to their confidence. But nowadays, people use various techniques to slow this process. Among these techniques is teeth whitening, which is becoming very popular among the masses.  

In this fast-paced world, it is just not possible to visit a dental clinic once or twice a week. A great alternative to this problem is teeth whitening strips. Teeth whitening requires very little time for preparation and gives fast results. The teeth whitening strips from BonAyu are designed to make your teeth whiter and cleaner. It saves a lot of time, as you can easily whiten your teeth by sitting at your home and getting instant shiny teeth. It is a painless process that whitens your teeth quickly.  

Why is teeth whitening gaining so much importance? 

The majority of the population faces dental problems on a daily basis. Most people are not even aware of it. Teeth whitening gives amazing results as the strips contain bleaching elements that not only kill bacteria but also give dazzling white teeth. It makes people aware of the importance of oral hygiene and makes them practice a daily routine of cleaning their teeth, which will keep their teeth in good shape. The strips contain hydrogen peroxide, which is an effective bleaching element that does an excellent job of keeping cavities or gum disease far away from you!  

Although there are some points that you should keep in mind if you are planning to use whitening strips, some strips contain harmful ingredients that might cause damage to the enamel of your teeth. It is advisable to use it carefully and safely. People with any gum disease or who might have sensitive teeth are not apt to use these whitening strips. Before going forward, talk to your dentist about your dental problems and which whitening method is the best for you!  

How do teeth whitening strips work? 

Beer, red wines, coffee, tea, tobacco, or cigarettes cause teeth staining and discoloration. The stains remain in the tooth enamel’s outer layer and get assembled there. Whitening strips contain a fine layer of active ingredients called hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching agent penetrates surface stains and tooth enamel and removes stains from deep within the teeth. A standard recommendation is to apply whitening strips twice daily for two weeks. The final result will always vary from person to person and also on the level of discoloration.  

Pros of teeth whitening strips: 

Who doesn’t like white dazzling teeth? Everybody does! A pretty smile brings a glow to your natural face and gives you a younger appearance. Also, it is quite affordable and acts as a great alternative to costly treatment. It offers a number of advantages like- 

  1. Easy to use: 

Whitening strips are very convenient and easy to use and inexpensive too. You generally don’t require a prescription to buy a whitening strip, and it is easily available at any general store. All you have to do is gently remove the elastic from the top of the strip and allow the strip to sit for the minimum time. 

  1. Gives quick and fast results: 

Whitening strips give a quick result, and you can see the result within seven days. The colour of your teeth will change. The results will last up to a good number of months, depending on the usage of the strips. Whitening strips are comparatively safer, with no major side effects.  

  1. Time-saving as it doesn’t take up your whole day: 

Very little time is required to do the entire process. The strips just sit on the teeth. While it rests, you can easily spend your time doing any normal housework or working out, or even you can finish your office work!  

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Limitations of whitening strips: 

With an advantage, there come certain limitations also.  

  1. Needs to be carefully used: 

Excessive of anything is always dangerous. Now that if you leave the strips for too long, it can cause damage to the tooth. Teeth or gum sensitivity is the most common and recognized side effect of teeth whitening strips. Avoid drinking too much coffee, tea in order to sustain the whitening for a long period of time.  

  1. Temporary or uneven results: 

If your teeth are not in proper shape, like you have crooked or overlapping teeth, you might see uneven results. As the strip won’t be able to reach every part of the enamel, which might result in uneven whitening of the teeth 

  1. Won’t work on dark stains: 

It’s an obvious fact that dental surgery will give more apt results if compared to whitening strips. But owing to their cost, whitening strips are an affordable option. The amount of bleach is less than that in a professional process, resulting in uneven or even no results on very heavy stains.  

Some tips: 

The teeth whitening strips are an excellent tool to improve your smile and make you appear happy, healthy, and confident. When carefully used, these strips will work like a wonder. Always read the instructions carefully and also follow all the directions written on the back of the packet. Whenever you feel any kind of discomfort or problem, immediately stop using it. If the problem still continues, visit a doctor. 


A beautiful smile can really help you in boosting your confidence level. Your teeth can become yellow or discoloured due to aging, or due to taking strong medications, or consuming tea, coffee, or food that causes stains in the teeth. Visit BonAyu if you wish to have a beautiful smile. Their teeth whitening strips are pocket friendly, making it the most affordable way to add that extra plus point to your appearance and overall well-being. Oral health is equally important as physical and mental health. Don’t take your oral health lightly. The services are totally safe, reliable, and long-lasting, and they believe in spreading a beautiful smile. Keep smiling! 

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