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The pregnant woman who vanished without a trace has been captured on surveillance video

The pregnant woman who vanished without a trace has been captured

by Sonal Shukla

The strange disappearance of pregnant postal worker Kierra Coles has a new video. Break down the reasons why it’s important to always double check your home surveillance systems before going on vacation.


Kierra Coles went missing back in October and we had a warrant out for her arrest long before we knew what led up to the disappearance. After some time passed, new surveillance images came up, which led to her being rescued. The surveillance footage is wild and what happens gets very intense- this article will break down exactly what the footage shows!

The strange disappearance of pregnant postal worker Kierra Coles

On the morning of November 26, Kierra Coles simply vanished without a trace. Law enforcement immediately began a search for the pregnant woman but to this day have not found any solid evidence as to what happened to her. In the days and weeks that followed her disappearance, surveillance video from various locations around Portland, Oregon showed Kierra walking around seemingly normal. However, on December 3rd, footage captured Kierra exiting a gas station alone just minutes before she was seen on surveillance footage dropping something off at her home. The object that Kierra was seen dropping off is still unknown, but law enforcement is confident it’s connected to her disappearance. Although they haven’t been able to find any concrete clues linking Kierra to her vanishing act or what could have happened to her – police are still working tirelessly on investigating every option in order to bring her home safely.

Conflicting stories on why Coles vanished

There are conflicting stories as to why Coles vanished. Some say that she abandoned her baby and fled the state, while others suggest that she may have been a victim of foul play. The surveillance video that was released in connection with her case seems to support the theory that Coles was taken against her will. In the video, which was captured the morning after she went missing, Coles can be seen getting out of a car and walking away from the scene. She is carrying a baby in a carrier, which suggests that she may have been planning on abandoning her child.

Authorities are now looking for her husband, who they say is the prime suspect in her disappearance. The woman was last seen leaving work on December 5th, and police believe she met with foul play. Her husband, who is also the father of her child, refused to cooperate with authorities when they interviewed him.

 Surveillance footage from a local grocery store appears to show the woman walking in with her husband just before she vanished. Days later, her car was found abandoned near their home. It’s been reported that Coles disappeared because of a brewing argument with her husband over their child’s care; however, authorities aren’t sure if he’s actually responsible for her disappearance or if he has something else entirely planned for her.

 Coles was spotted on surveillance video making ATM withdrawals 

Coles was spotted on surveillance video making ATM withdrawals on the day she vanished. The footage shows her walking into an ATM and withdrawing cash, before walking out of the bank and disappearing. Her distraught family have been searching for her ever since, but they’ve now had some good news – Coles has been captured on camera making ATM withdrawals just weeks after she went missing!

This is a huge breakthrough in the search for Coles. It provides concrete evidence that she was still alive at this time, and could have left of her own accord. It also suggests that she may have had help – which is why authorities are now urgently investigating who was with her at the time of her disappearance.

Anyone with information about what happened to Coles is urged to come forward. If you know anything, please contact police immediately.

Surveillance videos released that show the last time Coles was seen alive

Coles was last seen alive leaving her home in Kansas City, Missouri. Since her disappearance, there have been several reports of sightings of Coles throughout. The state of Missouri and even as far away as Louisiana and Texas. Surveillance footage from a convenience store in Kansas City was released that shows the last time Coles was seen alive. In the video, she can be seen entering the store and buying a sandwich before leaving minutes later. It is not clear what happened to Coles after she left the store.


On the night of September 13, 2017, 26-year-old Coles Van Dyke vanished without a trace. Her loved ones and friends were convinced she was abducted and murdered. They hired private investigators to search for her. On February 8, 2018, investigators released surveillance video footage that shows the last time she was seen alive. According to the footage, Coles was at a gas station in Decatur, Illinois on September 12th around 9:30pm. When she interacted with two men who later drove away in a black car. Since this footage is extremely unclear, it’s difficult to say for certain what happened next. However, based on the description of the men and Coles’ clothing. It seems like she may have been taken against her will. If you have any information about what happened to Coles Van Dyke please contact the authorities.


A pregnant woman who vanished without a trace has been captured on surveillance video. The footage, which release to the public by police today. Shows 27-year-old coles walking around a Walmart in Missouri before. She is seen walking out of the store and into traffic. Her husband later reported her missing when she didn’t show up for their 4pm appointment at the doctor’s office. In addition to the surveillance footage, authorities are also releasing a sketch of the suspect. They would like anyone with information about Elizabeth’s whereabouts to come forward.

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