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Why Should Get a Chimney Installed In Your Kitchen

by Anjali Anjali

Kitchen is really the most important part of any household. At the same time, it also bears the most amount of pollution. Pollution as cooking fumes, burning oil, steam, and frankly some of that morning hangover food you cooked up last week. Now, there are ways to eliminate these rather vicious fumes – you can open a window for the least while cooking, if you have an exhaust, make use of it. Try getting an air purifier to reduce the pollutants being released into your kitchen. You can even give up on oil cooking, and try something like an air fryer. 


Or, better yet, you can get the best kitchen chimney in India. That would make your cooking easier, your work cleaning up a LOT easier, and you even get rid of the cooking smells that can spread across your house once you start cooking. 


Kitchen chimneys are truly incredible appliances and a must have in every household. They are designed to expel any cooking fumes, steam, and even hot air which can help in reducing the temperature in your kitchen. 


When it comes to cooking, we all are sometimes on the run and might fire up the stove hoping to cook something quickly. This only leaves your kitchen enveloped in more fumes which then settles across the kitchen and forms a thick coating of gunk all over the walls, containers, utensils, everything. If that doesn’t scare you, I cannot say what might. 


The best way to get rid of it is to invest in a kitchen chimney. They are affordable and work incredibly well for the job they are built for. Directly placing it over your stove and switching it on while cooking will expel around 90% of all the fumes and hot air and gases. If you are an avid cook, this is something you have got to use to believe in. 


Especially avid fryers, meaning people who fry a lot, or work with oil a lot, would find kitchen chimneys helpful in removing the vapours as well. 


They come in all shapes and sizes and therefore can fit in almost any kitchen whatsoever. The best part is they do not require a lot of effort installing either. Contrary to popular opinion, kitchen chimneys are incredibly easy to install, obviously with professional help. 


What are the advantages of Kitchen Chimneys?


If you are still not sold on the features and potential of kitchen chimneys, here are a few things they are capable of,


  1. Removes hot air from the kitchen – Essentially the best part of the kitchen chimney, they make cooking during humid summers a lot easier. Kitchens can get extremely hot due to all the cooking that goes on in there. If you do not have a window in your kitchen, it can get even hotter and all that heat and fumes from the kitchen then move into the rest of the house. Kitchen chimneys are perfect to remove all this excess heat. If you are cooking a lot of dishes at once, or for a lot of people, simply blast the internal fan into high speed and that would work just perfectly as well. 
  2. Cleaner air –  The hot fumes from cooking are essentially pollutants. It is always advised to cook at lower temperatures to ensure a well cooked meal and less smoke. Kitchen chimneys, however, are proficient in cleaning out these pollutants as well. This allows the air in the kitchen to be much cleaner by comparison, and also disallows any fumes spreading into the rest of the house as well.
  3. Lighting – Cooking a snack at mid-night might not be easy without waking everyone up. The biggest challenge can be cooking without having the guts to switch on the lights. Well, kitchen chimneys are also equipped with LED bulbs to make sure your cooking is perfect, even at midnight, without the main lights on. If you would like to make sure your meat is being perfectly cooked, the added lights can be really helpful there as well.
  4. Less to no grease – The worst part of cooking can be the cleaning up after. The grease that builds-up in the kitchen is actually all the fumes and smokes finally settling down on all your containers, on the walls, appliances, literally everything. Getting a kitchen chimney rids you of that issue since all those fumes and smoke will be let out as soon as they come off from the food cooking down below. 
  5. Aesthetics – If you are someone who pays close attention to the aesthetics of your house, and by extension, your kitchen, a kitchen chimney is sure to add that panache that otherwise seems to be missing. They are brilliantly designed appliances that look amazing when paired with a modular styled kitchen. Sure to add some aesthetics to your kitchen, let us still not forget about how incredibly functional these machines are. 


Kitchen Chimneys can be incredibly useful appliances and can even potentially benefit your health. They make cleaning easier, and look incredibly pleasing to the eye. Most newly built houses actually come with a kitchen chimney, and they are actually even known to increase the value of the place. It is always a good idea on your part to actually choose a house that comes with a kitchen chimney to make sure you are not spending half your weekend cleaning the kitchen. If you are sick of spending extended hours cleaning, your best bet is to invest in a good kitchen chimney. 

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