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Will piles relapse after surgery? A Guide to Recovery

by Sneha Shukla

Hemorrhoids also referred to as piles are one of the common conditions leading to internal and external conditions. This disease causes many complications and affects the quality of life of the patients. Consequently, the need to cure hemorrhoids is something many patients desire. Hence, in some cases, surgery becomes the last resort, and many people simply opt for that.

There have been many patients with hemorrhoids who have wondered whether they will be back after going through general surgery. Keep reading to know the detailed answer to the above problem.

Can General Surgery Completely Cure Piles Disease?

After removing the issue of hemorrhoids or performing laser surgery treatment for piles on the body, it can return if the patient continues to disrupt the principles of the preventive measures advised by the doctor. Read along to learn about some of the effective preventive measures that need to be taken so that the disease does not reoccur.

Some of the common preventive measures to be taken by patients later on include:

  • Eating Habits: Avoid eating food that has a hard shell covering and is difficult to digest. And the fat content taken must be limited as it will make the digestion even harder. Thus, improving eating habits must be taken seriously. Alcohol, beer, coffee, and other stimulants that cause internal bloating must also be avoided at all costs.
  • Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle: The patient’s daily lifestyle must be healthy and include regular movements. Regular sitting, doing heavy work, and a lot of lifting work, and more can cause the mucosa to be affected due to the pressure on the anorectal area. This area is fragile and needs care to be handled. Getting involved in regular exercises such as yoga and meditation plays an important role in preventing piles.
  • Regular Follow-ups: The patient must be in touch with the medical practitioner regularly, even after the surgery. This will help you keep a check on any unwanted health issues in the body. Thus, the appointments must all be followed.


FAQ: Is Piles or Hemorrhoidectomy a Major Surgery?

The surgery done in itself is not a very long or complex procedure, but the recovery period is very long indeed. This also varies from one person to another person, as recovery can be lengthy for some people and short for some people. Recovery can be problematic and tough on the body, and it can take somewhere between two to eight weeks.

The patient’s recovery time will depend on how much discomfort and how many other difficulties they face. Pain and slow remedial processes are common complaints that come from patients, but they seem to be going down over time as surgical techniques have evolved. Therefore, although it is not a very major surgery it depends on how the individual going through it deals with it. 

In Conclusion!

General surgery for piles has a general reputation of being rough, which makes it intimidating for the patients to consider. But it is worth considering getting it done if you have planned to get done with hemorrhoids completely. The hemorrhoidectomy experience has been progressively advanced as doctors implement new methods to make your recovery faster. It is a big decision to undergo this surgery so must be taken wisely.

Nonetheless, it’s likely to be somewhat difficult but only during the surgery. Knowing what you will go through and thinking a little ahead of time to the recovery stage can help to let this time pass very smoothly for the patient. Bear in mind that recovery is permanent in most cases, while the pain and irritations caused by piles can completely disappear. Most people say they don’t regret going through the surgery procedure and that the recovery and relief at the end are worth it.


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