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Your guide to choosing the best bongs for smoking

by Sneha Shukla

Your guide to choosing the best bongs for smoking

If you are on this page then you have made up your mind to look for quality bongs to smoke with. You could be a beginner or a professional but buying a bong can be challenging every time which is the reason for extra caution. Obviously, the market has more than enough designs and options when it comes to bongs so you have to decide the preferences you want before finalizing your purchase. Before jumping to the factors that matter most in your search, proper bong maintenance comes in handy even after buying top quality bongs. Choose the right cleaning supplies to use for your cleaning and utilize the cleaning guides online to not onlyimprove the aesthetic appeal but also get better functionality and eliminate any odors from the same. Find out from the text below the various factors which you should consider before concluding your search for which smoking bongs to purchase today.

Material used 

Just like smoking pipes, expect the bongs offered in the market to be uniquely designed using unique materials. Materials play an important role in manufacturing anything as it determines the pricing and durability of the item along with maintenance needs. In your search for the best bongs in the market, try to research and learn the various materials that bongs are made with, the most common option used is glass while other options include bamboo, metal, ceramics and even plastic materials. You are not only targeting a quality experience but also personal satisfaction from the bong that you choose to smoke with. Supposing you are not good with hygiene, you might want to look for bongs with materials that are easy to clean and are not easily stained. You furthermore have to ensure you get the right cleaning supplies for the bong you purchase to avoid discoloration.

Style of bong 

Form the first bong and smoking pipe to be invented, the world has now experienced diverse designs of bongs being sold in the market. To enjoy unique designs, you should shop online as there are numerous stores which represent bong designs from all over the world. The more options you can see, the better decision you are likely to make. When thinking of the style, consider the aesthetic appeal and shape or style of the bong. Multi chamber bongs in the market are ideal because they give smooth smoke and cleaner smoke when compared to the other options. Beginners are best advised to use straight bongs which are not complicated for cleaning or using. 

Your planned budget 

As you will learn from the text above, a number of factors play a crucial role in determining how much a bong will cost. You must therefore pay attention to the size of the bong you purchase as the bigger it is the costlier it could be. The second factor you must mind is the material that was used for making the bong. Quality materials will lead to costly bongs due to durability and aesthetic appeal concerns. The most budget friendly material for bongs is plastic which makes it the most ideal material for regularly used bongs. After doing your price budget, you can ascertain the amount of budgeting to do before heading to the right online store where you can make your order. 

Herbs to be smoked 

Most bongs that are made for cannabis use can also be counted on for tobacco use. It is only right that you choose the best bong to fit your preferred herb as dry herbs need unique bongs for smoking. Your bong should have a bowl for weed if you prefer dry herbs whereas for dry concentrates, bongs with nails are what you need to get started. Conduct your own research online to figure out the best bongs which could fit the type of herbs you prefer before making any choice of what to purchase or pay for. 

Frequency of use 

In many cases, shoppers have to be mindful of how long frequent they will be using their bongs to smoke. This is because the more frequent you use it, the faster it can get damaged, dirty or worn out. Beginners are at most risk because the thrill of having a bong can be enough motivation to start smoking frequently even though long term smokers develop discipline to only smoke when they need to. The most durable bongs are made out of glass materials meaning you can rely on the straight glass bong to help you get quality smoking sessions. In case you are always on the road, you might choose another type of bong most preferably plastic which is less susceptible to breaking. 

Smoking experience 

The market has grown by far ever since the introduction of the first smoking aid or bongs. As a beginner, you must limit yourself to the simple designs that are easy to use and maintain when compared to the complicated ones which give you a rather hard time adjusting. The more experienced you are with smoking and bongs, the more technical smoking bongs you can manage for instance gravity bongs which give you more smoke than you can actually handle. If you are starting out, check the straight shaped bong designs to purchase as they are simple to use and best for beginners who are still learning about bongs and their maintenance.

The store you shop from 

There is no important factor for any store to prioritize other than its reputation. From the previous shoppers, you can figure out whether you have chosen a trusted supplier or need to do better in terms of decision making. Go through the reviews and also determine the authenticity of the store you are shopping from online. A number of factors can help you choose the best store for instance the range of supplies offered, the quality of testimonials, availability of physical contact and address can also help you verify whether the site you want to shop from is ideal for you. 

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