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How do I get certified in blockchain technology?

by Sonal Shukla

Do you plan to start a career in blockchain technology and take advantage of its long-term benefits? Here is a clear path for you to become a Certified Blockchain Expert!

New technologies are constantly reshaping traditional transaction methods. Using technology makes it easier for businesses and individuals to carry out transactions that would have been complicated if done conventionally. Digital transformation is the best example of how Blockchain technology benefits firms.

Organizations could use digital technologies to change traditional business processes like accounting and bookkeeping. Cost-effectiveness and best use of resources are the significant advantages for firms in these situations, and Blockchain is a recent innovative technology.

When one enrolls in Blockchain training in Chennai, they get the knowledge and abilities they need to accomplish their real-world job obligations and documentation of their Blockchain expertise and personal commitment to their professional growth. Learn about the significance of being a certified Blockchain specialist and the steps necessary to achieve this goal.

What is Blockchain technology?

A blockchain is a decentralized database or a trusted digital ledger that records transactions in real-time. As well as recording financial transactions and other important and sensitive information, Blockchain may be coded. Suppose you want to put it another way. In that case, Blockchain technology is a distributed, encrypted database to store data, much like electronic records of trades.

Blockchain technology is an excellent choice when transferring sensitive data, such as contracts, property, and financial transactions. Using Blockchain eliminates the need for any third-party intermediaries like banks or government organizations. As a result, the economic sector stands to gain significantly from the use of Blockchain technology.

What are the benefits of becoming a Blockchain-certified professional?

One of the most sought-after positions on the market today is that of a certified Blockchain expert. Demand is anticipated to increase by 500 percent by 2020, thus increasing the already enormous supply-demand mismatch! You will be eligible for these job openings all over the world if you obtain Blockchain certification.

The use of blockchain technology will profoundly impact the way people interact with one another and do business. As a result, enterprises all over the world have a high need for Certified Blockchain professionals.

Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) certification requires the following set of skills:

  • An in-depth knowledge of cryptography, distributed ledgers, decentralization, and smart contracts
  • It would be best to build compelling and highly secure decentralized applications using Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Ganache, and other decentralized technologies.
  • Innovate solutions for industry adoption and scalability problems.
  • Provide innovative solutions for industry-related concerns such as data security and public trust

How to become a blockchain expert

It takes time to be an expert in Blockchain, and there are several steps to take along the way. First and foremost, everyone interested in learning should do their research about enterprise businesses and Blockchain. Companies like Facebook now use blockchain technology, requiring that the developer become part of the organization and understand its business plan.

Being familiar with blockchain technology is fantastic, and one also needs to be familiar with business strategies. For a blockchain expert, the key to ultimate mastery is understanding how to combine the technology with the business side.

Decentralized ledgers and decentralized networks are essential technologies for any blockchain developer. Thus learning about them is the next logical step on your path to becoming a blockchain expert. These technologies necessitate some research, and you will not progress very far if you do not do so.

Finally, it’s vital to grasp a wide range of coding languages and blockchain platforms. C++, Python, JavaScript, Solidity, and other programming languages are advantageous. Studying every blockchain platform you can think of can assist you in preparing better when it’s time to employ your expertise in a real organization.

What’s worth learning?

To work as a blockchain developer, you must first have a firm grasp of blockchain technology fundamentals. Consider learning more about how blockchains work and why smart contracts are so important.

The next step is to learn about the blockchain platform on which you intend to work. Doing so requires familiarity with the network’s technical elements, such as the whitepaper and any other relevant papers.

Smart contracts are written in programming languages, and therefore you’ll need to be proficient in one of those. The language you use will dictate the blockchain technology environment in which you intend to publish your content. The Solidity programming language is a beautiful place to start if you create for the Ethereum network.

A combination of self-study and courses

You can learn everything you want for free these days thanks to the internet. Cryptocurrency programming is an excellent example of this. There is free material available online on just about any subject, and some of it, though, cannot be trusted. 

If you want to become a professional with a high market worth, you must study from reliable sources. Verify the publisher while collecting any free information from the internet. Online courses are an excellent choice if you like to gain knowledge. There are a plethora of options available online, but starting with online platforms is the simplest option.

There are many ways to learn how to code from scratch or to specialize in the Blockchain. Learn coding languages like C++ and Javascript, how to use them in blockchain coding, and code to help manage blockchain resources. You’ll also learn how to opt for the best coding languages to maximize blockchain efficiency, as well as how to code all parts of Blockchain.


The use of blockchain technology is exploding, and it doesn’t appear that anything can stop it. Blockchain is an essential technology for any aspiring developer. Thus learning about it is a good idea if you’re in this category. There is a vast demand for blockchain developers over the next five to ten years because of how disruptive this technology might be. Being an expert in cryptography has never been more important. A specific set of abilities, on the other hand, is required for you to charge high rates or even start your project or business.


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