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How to Write an Essay with a Proper Structure

by Sonal Shukla

Students first encounter essays at school in literature or history lessons. Then there are almost no questions about writing an essay – this is a small paper-reasoning on a given topic. But an essay may also be needed at work when occupying a vacant position, with participation in various creative competitions, so it is necessary to master the essay genre.

Essay structure

The essay is characterized by free composition and the absence of a plot, but it is a mistake to assume that the essay has no structure. Essay structure exists. Let’s talk about it.

The content of the essay should be logical and thoughtful; in the end, the results that the author has come to must be summed up. The classic text structure will help you with this:

main part;

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In the first paragraph of the text, which will become an introduction, indicate the main problem – the thesis, and ask yourself a question that will help reveal the topic of the essay. It is important not to overload the essay with theses. If you have several theses, it is advisable to choose the most successful one. Don’t be afraid to cut.

Main part

In the following paragraphs, try to answer the question posed, to speculate on the topic of your essay. Here you can quote famous personalities, figures, facts, and results of various studies. Thus, you can back up your reasoning with evidence and come close to the conclusion. This will be the main part of the essay. But do not forget to indicate the sources which you get the information from.


In the last paragraph, return to the question or problem posed at the beginning of your essay and draw a conclusion, i.e., answer the question. This is the conclusion of the essay.

How to check your essay?

Read the essay again carefully and answer the following questions:

Did you answer the questions in the first paragraph?
How appropriate is the factual material given in the main part of the essay?
Does the essay exceed the given amount of text?
Have you covered the topic of the essay?
Check your essay for errors and typos.

Leave time to check

Allocate time so that at the end of writing, you have enough time to check your essay. As a rule, students who spend some time proofreading and editing will get higher grades for their papers.

We hope that these simple tips will help you write an essay correctly. Most importantly, remember that an essay is the result of a creative process; you should not adhere to strict rules and try to include several theses at the same time. Let you have one strong view in the essay, which will reflect one, but the main idea of your work. Good luck!


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