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Internet – How it helps students in their studies

by Sonal Shukla

The Internet has become a one-stop solution in every phase of a student’s life. When it comes to researching, one can easily access chunks of data catering to any subject, topic, or matter without even taking the help of any of the traditional methods like one used to in the past. With search engine giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo, access to the world’s information is just a click away. Today one can even submit a thesis by researching online; without flipping thousands of pages. 

The Internet has also paved the way for easy access to educational institutions and universities. Unlike the ’90s, today, students can find their dream destinations for education online. With a steady rise in college search websites like College Insight, Unigo, Chegg, Shiksha.com, Collegedekho, Getmyuni, etc., the net has facilitated ease in the college research and admissions process. 

Further online learning platforms like UpGrad, Coursera, etc. are springing up, where peer-to-peer learning with personalized attention is possible without stepping outside your comfort space at home. These websites tie-up with reputed universities and institutions and offer curated courses to offer the best learning experience at home. Be it any degree one wants to pursue, these websites have a world of choices for all. A major student population today has got their desired career outcomes through these platforms.  

Facts suggest online learning is the future of education, and the recent pandemic has proved to be a witness to the same. As a result, traditional education forms have seen a radical change in the past few years. Furthermore, with the rise of new technologies, we can access education anywhere, anytime, and in any part of the world. As a result, online learning applications are multiplying in the academic world. Further, most Higher education institutions today, including renowned and reputed ones, provide online education at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in various disciplines. A few reasons as to why the Internet is blooming as a powerful educational platform are given:

Ease of Time and Accessibility

Online education helps the teachers and the students to create their own pace in learning and comes with an added flexibility of setting schedules catering to everyone’s interests and comforts. Further, it has the added advantage of saving tons of time that might get wasted in travelling and helps create a perfect balance of learning and studying. One can easily earn their degrees and certificates without even setting their foot on any campus. This learning model facilitates easy learning and makes the teaching process convenient for the teachers. 

Information At One’s Finger-Tips

Students today rely on various websites to study and collect data and learn new concepts. For instance, the website Wikipedia is a student’s best friend. Through the Internet, they get information quickly and get to read their peers’ views and opinions. In addition, students may bring their various queries answered through reviews and interacting options available on these websites. Further, the Internet acts as the best research tool for students. One can access all the data and excerpts from published pages through google docs online. Be it writing projects, assignments, or making presentations, the Internet has it all. This medium makes the tedious process or tasks much handy and easier for the student population. 

A Cost-Effective Learning Tool

Compared to the conventional learning methods, online education is also much more cost-effective. Instead of the traditional training tools like printed manuals or in-person classes, the students can now access the whole world of knowledge through online resources like videos, e-books, etc. With just an internet connection, without incurring any additional expenses. Further, this mode of education also cuts down on the conveyance expenses that one may incur in travelling to attend physical classes. 

No more a Language Barrier

The Internet serves all irrespective of the language they speak. With time, various new languages are added to the Internet. Students can study in their language and read in their scripts. Book reports, essays and project details are all available in various languages. The voice features answers also in the language of the users. 


We can all conclude that there is a pressing need for a good internet connection in every household today and in the times to come. The pandemic was an eye-opener where the quintessence of the Internet was felt worldwide, being the only medium that helped us remain connected to the entire world. Thus, the net acts as a substantial knit that binds the world together. Life without an internet connection is surely unmanageable, and a tad unimaginable, and hence, all possible measures should be taken to ensure its accessibility throughout the world.  


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